What is different about biotech treatments?

Conventional Drugs Biotech Drugs
Normally made by mixing chemicals in a factory
 Far more complex, mimicking substances produced by the human body such as enzymes, insulin, and antibodies
They are mostly small, relatively simple molecules and can usually be shaped into a pill and swallowed
 Instead of mixing chemicals, biotech drugs are grown in live cells in a bioreactor and then purified. The resulting drugs are almost always administered by injection or infusion
There are around 50 monitoring and quality tests for a traditional (chemical) medicine
 Because biotechnology drugs are so complex, the manufacturing of biotechnology-based medicines requires a high level of monitoring and quality testing - typically, around 250 in-process tests are conducted for a biological medicine
Conventional drugs, based on relatively simple molecules, are easy to copy
 The unique starting material and the complex manufacturing processes mean that it is more difficult to exactly reproduce a biological molecule in a copy


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