What is EuropaBio’s position on animal welfare?

EuropaBio is a founding member of the EPAA – the European Platform for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing, and fully supports the principle of the “3 Rs” (refine, reduce, replace animals in testing). We fully support to minimize animal suffering in testing and promote biotechnology as being at the cutting edge in delivering alternatives to animal testing.

EuropaBio has successfully promoted biotech companies researching and providing alternatives to animal testing. A study has reported that four new biotech testing methods can reduce the need for animals and cut validation times in half. These newly discovered assays for bacterial contamination detection (known as pyrogens) have the potential to reduce animal tests in Europe by 200,000 rabbits each year. Most interestingly, they can also be used for new cell therapies where no appropriate test had previously been available.

For more in-depth information on EuropaBio’s position on animal testing, please see our Position Paper, which you can find here.

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