Why are GMOs beneficial?

Over 17 million farmers around the world plant GM crops, and their numbers grow each season - they grew by 6% from 2011. In fact, 9 in 10 of these farmers run small farms, too.

In addition to higher yields and higher farm income, their reasons include:

  • Increased management flexibility 

  • Easier adoption of no- or reduced till farming, which saves time, equipment usage, fuel and carbon emissions 

  • Improved weed control

  • Soil preservation & moisture retention

  • Less worry about pest damage 

  • Less time spent on crop walking and/or insecticide application

  • Savings in energy use – mainly associated with less spraying and tillage, which reduces carbon  emissions

  • Savings in machinery use (for spraying and possibly reduced harvesting times), which reduces carbon  emissions

  • Improved quality (e.g., lower levels of mycotoxins in GM insect-resistant maize)