Core ethical values

Life sciences and biotechnology have given rise to significant public attention and debate. Promoting dialogue among stakeholders and organising public debates will accompany and guide the development of life sciences and biotechnology and ensure effective and responsible policies that are in harmony with societal values. Without broad public acceptance and support, the development and use of life sciences and biotechnology in Europe will be contentious. Our society should offer the necessary safeguards to ensure that the development and application of life sciences and biotechnology take place respecting the fundamental values of human life and dignity. Europe needs to achieve a common understanding among all stakeholders and policy makers and resolve diverging views. If biotechnology is to work for Europe, political leaders must make some tough choices to handle the ethical dimension and to harness biotech’s potential so that it meets the needs and expectations of EU citizens.

EuropaBio's Core Ethical Values Charter is a pledge of responsible behaviour and all members of EuropaBio are bound by them. We believe that the swift and steady development of science and technology calls for rapid identification and clarification of the ethical aspects of this development. We want to anticipate and explore the impact of change and to discuss its effects with the scientific community, the public and their elected representatives. The well-being of humans and animals, and the quality of our environment are the major concerns of any civilised society. They are fully shared by all of EuropaBio's member companies. We support authorisation procedures for genetically modified organisms based on rigorous and science-based safety assessments that are coherent, transparent and predictable. We believe that both the scientific community and the industry should invest enough time and energy to work together with the public on addressing their concerns.