Cultivation & benefits

Farmers around the world make commercial choices every season regarding the various tools that they will use to produce the best possible crops. Their choices depend on the seasons, the needs of their consumers and the given climatic and environmental conditions at the time of sowing and growing. Biotech crops are among those tools that farmers who work in countries without GM cultivation bans, can choose from. 

More farmers are now planting genetically modified crops (GMOs) globally than all EU farmers put together, on a surface that is larger than the EU’s entire arable land. This reflects a conscious decision made by millions of farmers around the world each growing season to invest in seeds that provide them with clear returns on their investment, and help them contribute to environmental progress while sustaining consumer health and safety. 

In the EU, there is currently only one GMO approved for cultivation and there are a number of non-science-based national bans on the cultivation of that one crop. EU cultivation of GMO crops currently corresponds to the surface of a large city. 

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