Why does the EU import GMOs?

The EU mainly import genetically modified (GM) soya beans, maize, oilseed rape and cotton. Soya beans are the most important source of protein. We use them to feed our farm animals and produce high quality meat and dairy products. All soya production in the EU is non-GM and accounts only to 1.7 million tonnes, less than 5% of EU need. This is why the demand and use of imported commodities continues to be substantial in the EU. Almost all soya is provided by South and North American countries, where GM technology adoption is over 90%. Every year, we import 34 million tonnes of GM soya beans, which equates to the weight of all Europeans put together. Around 70 GMO products are currently authorised for import into the EU, of which 19 were approved in 2015 alone.

More information: check EuropaBio’s infographic ‘EU benefits from GM trade’.