Position papers

Approvals of GM Crops in the EU

The system is slowing down, which increases the likelihood of trade disruptions.

Status Update of January 2014

Executive Summary

  • Fewer products have been authorised each year since 2010 

As of 1 January 2014, a total of 50 GM events are authorised in the EU. Each year in the history of the system, more applications entered the system than authorisations were received. Since 2010, fewer GMO application dossiers have been authorised each year.

  • Timelines to authorisation are increasing

For GM food/feed products approved in 2011-2013, the EU authorization process took on average 48 monthsin total, of which 19 months were spent on processing and voting-related procedures after EFSA positive opinion. In 2004-2011 the average overall duration was 45 months, of which 16 months post EFSA.

  • Legally prescribed timelines for 16 applications are not being met by the Commission

The EU Commission rarely complies with their legal obligation to hold Member State votes on GM crops on time. In fact, by adding up all the days that the votes are overdue, one now reaches at least 48 years.


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