The benefits of GMO trade

EuropaBio's cartoon on the future of our livestock sector

EuropaBio's cartoon on the future of our livestock sector

The EU is a major importer of GM commodities from other parts of the world. Each year the EU imports over 33 million tonnes of genetically modified soya beans, totaling more than 60 kg for each of its 500 million citizens. We use them to feed our farm animals and produce meat, dairy and other higher value products. European livestock farmers depend on these imports heavily since there is no realistic alternative: the production of soya beans in the EU accounts to 1.7 million tonnes, less than 5% of EU need. Read more in the infographic EU Benefits from GM Trade.

Despite the clear benefits deriving from GM crop imports, the EU Commission is considering allowing for scientifically unfounded import bans by individual Member States. The proposal, which was rejected by the European Parliament in October 2015 would harm EU farmers and consumers, as described in this new infographic on import bans.

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