Position papers

EU Food and Feed Chain Coalition Position paper for a functioning evidence-based EU policy on GMOs

In order to contribute to a competitive and sustainable Europe, a functioning evidence-based EU policy on GMOs is needed. Such a policy requires:

  1. the EU-wide authorisation of safe products,
  2. adherence to and implementation of the EU’s existing established timelines as prescribed by laws,
  3. regulatory workability and predictability,
  4. an enabling regulatory environment and legal certainty,
  5. trade facilitating measures and
  6. additional risk communication to build trust

None of the above requirements are currently completely fulfilled. To fulfil them, it is simply necessary to apply and implement the existing EU legislation properly and improve legal certainty. Jointly, we believe that failing to support the EU’s own best science is the single most damaging element for growth, innovation, investment as well as consumer confidence and safety. Like all industries and supply chains, we require and demand a reasonable level of legal and regulatory certainty. The Commission proposal to nationalize GM imports puts the whole set of principal requirements outlined above at risk. We therefore firmly and principally reject this policy approach.

Nike Jordan