Press release

Is the EU on track to end the 11 year moratorium on new cultivation approvals for biotech crops ?

EuropaBio, the European Association for Bioindustries expresses disappointment that the Member States could not reach agreement to approve these products, despite the many scientific confirmations of the safety of two biotech maize products. The products should now be voted on by Ministers at an upcoming Environment Council meeting. 

“Today’s vote demonstrates that several Member States are prepared to stand by the science and support farmers’ access to safe products. We urge more Member States to vote according to the scientific assessments of EFSA and the calls from Europe’s farmers1 and the agricultural community for more choice and put an end to the 11 year moratorium on new biotech crops for cultivation”, says Nathalie Moll, Executive Director of Green Biotechnology Europe at EuropaBio. “In so doing, these Member States would give farmers new tools to meet the dual challenges of feeding a growing population and minimising the impact of farming on the environment”, she added. 
EuropaBio supports the Commission in achieving its goal of ensuring the proper functioning of the biotech approval system established by the Member States themselves. When these biotech cultivation applications are voted in Council next, Member States are urged to follow EU law and approve these products without further and unjustified delay.

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