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EuropaBio’s Position on the Proposal on Imports of GMOs

The proposal on the use of GM food and feed should be rejected.

EuropaBio Position:

The proposal for Member States’ Restrictions or Prohibitions on the Use of Genetically Modified Food and Feed on Their Territory Should Be Rejected


EuropaBio urgently calls upon the EU institutions to reject the European Commission’s proposal on the use of GMOs[1].

This demand is shared by the entire EU food and feed chain, including farmers, food and feed industries, grain traders and many other economic actors[2].

The Commission’s proposal extends the negative precedent of banning safe innovative products set by the recently adopted EU Directive nationalising the cultivation of GMOs[3]. This approach inevitably leads to arbitrary, ideology-based, disproportionate and discriminatory decision taking. 

Choosing to allow individual Member States or regions to ban safe products based on undefined criteria is a clear signal that the EU Commission no longer stands by science and evidence-based decision-making, a critical precondition for growth, innovation, investment, as well as consumer confidence and safety.


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