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Maladministration on GMOs by the EU Commission Distorting Markets

Brussels, 8 April 2016 – EuropaBio is highly concerned that the EU Commission continues the same practices of maladministration which were criticised by the European Ombudsman as recently as January 2016[1]. Three genetically modified soya bean products have been pending in the EU product approval system since 2011 and 2012 respectively, including nearly three months and counting[2] for the last step of authorisation by the Commission.

The European Ombudsman decided in January: “In circumstances where, presumably, the substantive work on the individual case had already been done in advance of engaging with the Standing Committee and Appeal Committee, it is difficult to see why the Commission would need a further 3.5 months in which to take its decision. Given that a further delay at this stage might have adverse consequences for the complainants, and in the absence of any reasonable explanation for these delays, the Ombudsman finds that these delays by the Commission constituted maladministration.”

Nathalie Moll, EuropaBio Secretary General, urges the Commission to take its responsibility:  “We call on the Commission to immediately finalise the adoption of these authorisation proposals at its college meeting of 12th April, in accordance with the existing legal requirements of Regulation 1829/2003 and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, so as to avoid any additional undue delays.

Given we are currently in the sowing season, the Commission’s maladministration regarding these three products is already creating concrete market disruption and material damage.

[1]Decision of the European Ombudsman closing the inquiry into complaint 1582/2014/PHP on the European Commission's handling of authorisation applications for genetically modified food and feed, published 19 January 2016.

[2]These products are: MON87705 x MON89788 (high oleic x glyphosate), MON87708 x MON89788 (dicamba x glyphosate) and FG72 (glyphosate x HPPD).  They were most recently voted on by the EU Member States in the  Appeal Committeeon 11 January 2016:



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