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European Commission approves long pending GMO Products for Import

Brussels, 24 April 2015

“We welcome that, after a standstill of one year and half, the European Commission has finally decided to authorise imports of safe products in accordance with democratically agreed procedures and with scientific evidence,” said Beat Späth, Director of agricultural biotechnology at EuropaBio, the European Association of BioIndustries.

“European livestock farmers in particular benefit hugely from internationally traded GM crops for their animal feed, and it is important to grant them freedom of choice. We hope the Commission will now normalise what has become a dysfunctional approval process and continue approving upcoming applications. There are over 40 additional GMO applications for import still pending in the system, which should be examined and processed without undue delay”,he added.

The biotech industry firmly believes that failing to support the EU’s own best science is the single most damaging element for growth, innovation, investment as well as consumer confidence and safety.

In the context of its legislative proposal on national restrictions or prohibitions of the use of genetically modified food and feed (a proposal that EuropaBio and the European food and feed chain firmly reject), the Commission stated on 22 April:

  • “all EU-authorised GMOs have been proved to be safe before their placing on the EU market[1]”.
  • "If the result of the vote in the Appeal Committee is “No opinion”, the Commission is required by the GMO legal framework and by the Charter of Fundamental Rights to adopt a decision on the application.” [2]


  • [1]European Commission Fact Sheet: Questions and Answers on EU's policies on GMOs, 22/04/2015
  • [2]European Commission Fact Sheet Review of the decision-making process on GMOs in the EU: Questions and Answers, 22/04/2015

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