Press release

Time for Europe to face the facts and unshackle GMO innovation

Although most Europeans do not realise it, Europe already relies significantly on imported genetically modified (GM) crops to feed its cows, pigs and chickens, and most of our clothes are made from GM cotton. GM crops are adding value by helping farmers grow more on the available land whilst reducing inputs and CO2 emissions. New products with drought tolerance and improved nutritional profiles are now available to farmers and consumers outside the EU. 

During #BiotechWeek, EuropaBio calls on the EU and its member states to #unshackleinnovation in GM crops, which are safe and essential for a growing and changing world. We think that ignoring the scientific consensus and expelling an entire technology is a high price to pay for political convenience. It’s time for Europe to face the facts and give GM crops the recognition they deserve. 

Read more about GMOs in the following factsheet: