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EuropaBio position on the "Comitology Reform" - Regulation (EU)182/2011Position papersTrade & Approvals03.07.2020
Future innovations - 25 years of agricultural biotechReportCelebrating 25 years of agricultural biotech 29.05.2020
Past breakthroughs - 25 years of agricultural biotechReportCelebrating 25 years of agricultural biotech 20.05.2020
Celebrating 25 years of agricultural biotech VideoCelebrating 25 years of agricultural biotech 18.05.2020
Agri-Food Chain Coalition input on the Farm to Fork strategyPosition papersClimate change27.03.2020
Pricing Innovation out of the EU (German version) FactsheetsTrade & Approvals27.02.2020
GMO import bans would cost Europe dearly (German version)FactsheetsTrade & Approvals27.02.2020
EU benefits from GM trade (German version)FactsheetsTrade & Approvals27.02.2020
Facing the Facts on GMOs in the EU (German version)FactsheetsTrade & Approvals27.02.2020
CRISPR hits the markBlogGenome editing06.02.2020
Pricing Innovation Out of the EU (Portuguese version)FactsheetsTrade & Approvals29.10.2019
Mission Possible - (Portuguese version)FactsheetsTrade & Approvals29.10.2019
GMO import bans would cost Europe dearly (Portuguese version)FactsheetsTrade & Approvals29.10.2019
EU Benefits from GM Trade (Portuguese version)FactsheetsTrade & Approvals29.10.2019
Agriculture durable et biotechnologiesPosition papers17.09.2019
Sustainable Agriculture with BiotechPosition papers09.07.2019
Facts must trump fear: EuropaBio responds to EU Parliament vote on food chain risk assessmentPress releaseTrade & Approvals17.04.2019
Pricing Innovation Out of the EUFactsheetsTrade & Approvals18.02.2019
Mission Possible: Removing double standards in EU safety assessmentFactsheetsTrade & Approvals25.01.2019
BLOG: Misinformation is the only poisonScience & safety13.12.2018
EU Parliament vote highlights need to build trust in risk assessmentPress releaseTrade & Approvals11.12.2018
Statement on the decision of the Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO) on case T1063/18Position papersInnovation & Intellectual property07.12.2018
Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals through innovation in the Agri-Food chainReportCultivation & benefits29.11.2018
EuropaBio position paper on mandatory GM feeding studiesPosition papersScience & safety15.11.2018
Governments urge cooperation on genome editing in agricultureInnovation & Intellectual property05.11.2018
European Plant and Life Science Research Centres Unite Against CJEU RulingPress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property24.10.2018
Scientific poster: Food innovation requires transparency and efficiencyFactsheetsTrade & Approvals17.09.2018
Into the Blue Zones: Plant secrets for Healthy Living September 19th, Wageningen (Netherlands)Innovation & Intellectual property14.09.2018
Challenges Facing Agriculture and the Plant Science Industry in the EUPress releaseTrade & Approvals04.09.2018
The EU protein deficit, trade and GMOsReportCultivation & benefits13.08.2018
The EU Commission proposal on transparency and sustainability of the EU risk assessment in the food chainPress releaseTrade & Approvals14.06.2018
EuropaBio position on transparency and sustainability of EU risk assessment (June 2018)Position papersTrade & Approvals14.06.2018
EU must reinstate science in GMO safety assessment and eliminate unnecessary animal testingPress releaseScience & safety17.04.2018
Trust in food risk assessment essential for innovationPress releaseTrade & Approvals11.04.2018
GMOinfo.EU brings you factual information on GMOs in your languagePress releaseTrade & Approvals08.03.2018
EuropaBio position on transparency and sustainability of EU risk assessment (March 2018)Position papersTrade & Approvals06.03.2018
German pocket guide02.03.2018
One step closer to legal clarity in plant breedingPress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property18.01.2018
Green G-Nomes Guide - Romanian versionReport09.01.2018
Green G-Nomes Guide - Bulgarian versionReport20.12.2017
Guide to GM Crops & Policies - Italian09.10.2017
Guide to GM Crops & Policies - Spanish04.10.2017
Guide to GM Crops & Policies - Czech02.10.2017
Guide to GM crops & Policies - Portuguese28.09.2017
The Green G-Nome's Guide - Polish versionReport12.09.2017
The Green G-Nome's Guide - French versionReport12.09.2017
Pocket Guide Powerpoint Version26.07.2017
EuropaBio position: Principles on ‘GM free’ labellingPosition papersTrade & Approvals18.07.2017
European Soya Declaration tells only one half of the storyPress releaseTrade & Approvals18.07.2017
New report highlights 20 years of economic and environmental benefits from using biotech/GM cropsPress releaseCultivation & benefits05.06.2017
Agri-Food Chain Coalition: Responding to Commissioner’s call to promote sciencePress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property01.06.2017
EU Member States and GMOsFactsheetsTrade & Approvals28.04.2017
EuropaBio position on EC Comitology ProposalPosition papersTrade & Approvals21.04.2017
EU Parliament should squash comitology proposal and promote innovationPress releaseTrade & Approvals06.04.2017
Time for EU to authorise GMOs, support science & innovationPress releaseTrade & Approvals27.03.2017
The Green G-Nome's Guide to GM Crops & Policies in the EUReportTrade & Approvals23.03.2017
Comitology reform threatens innovationPress releaseTrade & Approvals13.02.2017
Joint Statement: The EU must not change the comitology system to the detriment of innovation and the single marketPosition papersTrade & Approvals13.02.2017
New leadership for the European Agri-Food Chain Coalition: Call for change of mind-set on innovation Press releaseInnovation & Intellectual property10.01.2017
EuropaBio position on the recent Biotech Patent Directive EC NoticePosition papersInnovation & Intellectual property28.11.2016
Benefits of Bt maize in Spain (1998-2015). Benefits from an economic, social and environmental viewpoint.ReportCultivation & benefits21.11.2016
Time for Europe to face the facts and unshackle GMO innovationPress releaseTrade & Approvals26.09.2016
Facing the Facts on GMOs in the EUFactsheetsTrade & Approvals22.09.2016
EuropaBio Workshop Back to Basics: Risk assessment principles for GM plantsReportScience & safety16.09.2016
Back to the Basics workshop summary and reportReport16.09.2016
GM products finally approved for EU import following unnecessary delaysPress releaseTrade & Approvals23.07.2016
Commission must re-instate science in GMO safety assessment, reduce unnecessary testing requirementsPress releaseScience & safety07.07.2016
GMO Risk Assessment TimelinesFactsheetsScience & safety04.07.2016
Supporting EP report on technological solutions for EU sustainable agriculturePress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property01.06.2016
EP report on “Technological solutions for sustainable agriculture in the EU” gets strong backing from Agri-Food Chain CoalitionPress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property01.06.2016
Scientific Consensus on GMO safetyPress releaseScience & safety24.05.2016
Factsheet highlights the importance of IPR for innovation in agricultureFactsheetsInnovation & Intellectual property23.05.2016
EuropaBio open letter to EC President Jean-Claude JunckerPosition papersTrade & Approvals27.04.2016
GMO import bans would cost Europe dearly. FactsheetsTrade & Approvals25.04.2016
French GMO cultivation ban declared illegalPress releaseCultivation & benefits18.04.2016
Maladministration on GMOs by the EU Commission Distorting MarketsPress releaseTrade & Approvals08.04.2016
EU Ombudsman: Clear maladministration by the Commission on GMOsPress releaseTrade & Approvals23.02.2016
Briefing note on the Ombudsman’s decisionReportTrade & Approvals19.01.2016
European Ombudsman: Commission must follow statutory timelines on GM authorisationsPress releaseTrade & Approvals19.01.2016
European Ombudsman on GMOsPress releaseTrade & Approvals19.01.2016
Charm and Disarm – Commission’s New Approach to GMO ImportsReportTrade & Approvals01.01.2016
EU Industry Calls for Innovation for AgriculturePress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property09.12.2015
Farmers and Consumers Benefit from Intellectual PropertyPress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property08.12.2015
Time for the Commission to ActPress releaseScience & safety24.11.2015
The Biotech Patent Directive is up to task. Do not open it.Press releaseInnovation & Intellectual property05.11.2015
EuropaBio Position Paper on the Biotech Patent Directive and the Protection of Plant-related Biotechnological InventionsPosition papersInnovation & Intellectual property05.11.2015
EU Commission proposal rejectedPress releaseTrade & Approvals28.10.2015
Nobody Asked for It, Nobody Wants ItPress releaseTrade & Approvals28.10.2015
Politics over Science?FactsheetsTrade & Approvals16.10.2015
The benefits of GMO tradeFactsheetsTrade & Approvals16.10.2015
Increasing Timelines for Risk Assessment of GMOs in EFSAPosition papersTrade & Approvals06.07.2015
Call for Policy Support for InnovationPress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property29.06.2015
"Europe à la carte?": Best of videoVideoTrade & Approvals25.06.2015
EuropaBio’s Position on the Proposal on Imports of GMOsPosition papersTrade & Approvals01.06.2015
EU Food and Feed Chain Coalition Position paper for a functioning evidence-based EU policy on GMOsPosition papersTrade & Approvals29.05.2015
For a functioning evidence-based EU policy on GMOsPosition papersTrade & Approvals29.05.2015
Authorisations of Safe GM Crops for ImportPosition papersTrade & Approvals19.05.2015
The Journey of Mr. Maize to the EUVideoTrade & Approvals05.05.2015
Step in the Right DirectionPress releaseTrade & Approvals24.04.2015
EU Benefits from GM TradeFactsheetsTrade & Approvals22.04.2015
New Rules on GMO Trade Would End EU Internal MarketPress releaseTrade & Approvals22.04.2015
Renationalising EU market authorisations for GMOs threatens internal market for agri-food productsPress releaseTrade & Approvals22.04.2015
Commission to Undermine the Internal Market for Agri-Food ProductsPress releaseTrade & Approvals08.04.2015
GMO – Do We Judge Before We Know?FactsheetsTrade & Approvals02.04.2015
World Water Day 2012: ‘Water and food security’ - Why we must produce more food with less waterPress releaseScience & safety22.03.2015
GMO agreement: A Stop Sign for InnovationPress releaseCultivation & benefits02.03.2015
From leader to laggardPress releaseCultivation & benefits28.01.2015
Time for the Commission to Authorize Safe GMO ImportsPosition papersTrade & Approvals15.01.2015
EP Grants License to Ban Safe GM cropsPress releaseCultivation & benefits13.01.2015
Non Cultivation Agreement on GM Crops Press releaseCultivation & benefits04.12.2014
More sustainability: European agricultural policy and plant biotechnologyReportCultivation & benefits19.11.2014
Who Benefits from IP Rights for Agricultural Innovation?Press releaseInnovation & Intellectual property19.11.2014
Who benefits from IP rights for agricultural innovation? Full reportReportInnovation & Intellectual property19.11.2014
Who benefits from IP rights for agricultural innovation? Executive summaryReportInnovation & Intellectual property19.11.2014
Spanish farmers lead in the cultivation of GM maizePress releaseCultivation & benefits22.10.2014
What People Say about GMO Safety. FactsheetsScience & safety14.10.2014
What is the EU approval process for import of GMOs?FactsheetsTrade & Approvals22.07.2014
Transgénicos en Chile/ GMOs in ChileVideoCultivation & benefits17.07.2014
Renationalisation of Decision on GM Crop Cultivation. Press releaseCultivation & benefits12.06.2014
Undue delays in EU authorisation of safe GM cropsPosition papersTrade & Approvals30.05.2014
Europe’s Agri‐Food Businesses call for an EU policy shift towards innovationPress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property06.05.2014
How are GMOs created? VideoScience & safety16.04.2014
Ag Industry Celebrates Father of the Green Revolution. Press releaseScience & safety25.03.2014
IP52: What is the role of intellectual property in innovationVideoInnovation & Intellectual property25.02.2014
Significant Benefits from Biotech CropsPress releaseCultivation & benefits13.02.2014
No Decision on GM Maize 1507Press releaseCultivation & benefits12.02.2014
EuropaBio appoints new director of agricultural biotechnology divisionPress release23.01.2014
Consumer Benefits FactsheetFactsheetsCultivation & benefits16.01.2014
Call to action: Agri-biotech industry 2014-2019Position papersTrade & Approvals15.01.2014
Approvals of GM Crops in the EUPosition papersTrade & Approvals31.12.2013
Public Private Partnership to advance Biotechnology in africa 13VideoTrade & Approvals06.12.2013
Farming and the Environment FactsheetFactsheetsCultivation & benefits20.09.2013
Pocket guide to GM crops and policiesPosition papersCultivation & benefits28.08.2013
EU-US trade negotiations and biotechPosition papersTrade & Approvals22.07.2013
EU policies on trade and developmentVideoTrade & Approvals21.06.2013
European Founder of Plant Biotech Recognised. Press releaseScience & safety20.06.2013
Top 10 Statistics on GMOsFactsheetsTrade & Approvals03.06.2013
The lessons to be learned from the disaster in WetterenVideo14.05.2013
Food Security FactsheetFactsheetsCultivation & benefits07.03.2013
Trade in Agriculture FactsheetFactsheetsTrade & Approvals07.03.2013
Biotech Zapping on Food SecurityVideoScience & safety07.03.2013
How Do EU Policies on GMOs Impact Trade and Development?Press releaseTrade & Approvals07.03.2013
Failures of the EU Authorisation System for GMOsPosition papersTrade & Approvals01.03.2013
Science not Fiction: Time to Think Again about GM. ReportCultivation & benefits23.01.2013
Time to think again about GMOVideoTrade & Approvals21.01.2013
Global Adoption FactsheetFactsheetsCultivation & benefits17.01.2013
Green Biotechnology Factsheet: Global AdoptionFactsheetsCultivation & benefits17.01.2013
Product Safety FactsheetFactsheetsScience & safety17.01.2013
Public authorities reject GMO scare studyPress releaseScience & safety06.11.2012
Scientific Community Rejects Poor Science. Press releaseScience & safety04.10.2012
Agronomic practices for maize in EuropeReportCultivation & benefits30.07.2012
Agronomic practices for cotton in Europe. ReportCultivation & benefits30.07.2012
Agronomic practices for soybean in Europe. ReportCultivation & benefits30.07.2012
Agronomic practices for sugar beet in Europe. ReportCultivation & benefits30.07.2012
Agronomic practices for potato in EuropeReportCultivation & benefits30.07.2012
Bureaucratic Barriers to BiotechVideoTrade & Approvals02.07.2012
How Europe's choices affect othersVideoCultivation & benefits24.05.2012
Europe's FoodPrintVideoCultivation & benefits24.05.2012
Developing countries lead the way in the global adoption of biotech cropsPress releaseTrade & Approvals07.02.2012
Highest courts in France and EU confirm France’s ban on GM crops is illegalPress releaseTrade & Approvals28.11.2011
Approvals of GMOs in the European UnionReportTrade & Approvals23.11.2011
2050 - Events that changed the world. VideoCultivation & benefits03.11.2011
World Food Day: Europe’s agricultural productivity must increase to meet growing global demandPress releaseTrade & Approvals17.10.2011
French GM cultivation ban illegal, according to European Court of JusticePress releaseTrade & Approvals08.09.2011
Comments on the European Parliament’s debate on the proposal to “nationalise” cultivation of GM cropsPress releaseTrade & Approvals05.07.2011
Reaping the benefits, but not in Europe. ReportCultivation & benefits31.05.2011
It's a farmer's choiceVideoCultivation & benefits18.04.2011
15.4 million farmers can’t be wrong: GM crops offer tangible socio-economic benefitsPress releaseCultivation & benefits15.04.2011
Q&A - Explaining the state of GM crops in the European UnionPress release22.02.2011
Q&A - Explaining the state of GM crops in the European UnionPress releaseTrade & Approvals22.02.2011
Sustainable Solutions for Food SecurityVideoScience & safety19.11.2010
Global farmers ask: Why are European farmers not allowed to take advantage of agricultural innovations?Press releaseTrade & Approvals26.10.2010
Nicolae Hristea from AgBiotechRom, talks to EuropaBio about Agricultural BiotechnologyVideoCultivation & benefits10.10.2010
Maria Gabriela Cruz, a Portuguese Farmer, talks to EuropaBio about Agricultural BiotechnologyVideoCultivation & benefits10.10.2010
Choice For Europe - Consumers Hungry For Facts, Not Media StuntsPress releaseCultivation & benefits06.10.2010
EuropaBio Initial Response: Commission’s Nationalisation of Approval for the Cultivation of GM CropsPress releaseTrade & Approvals13.07.2010
Joint Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese delegation calls for fairer access to GMPress releaseTrade & Approvals12.07.2010
Cultivation of GM crops increases worldwide, but Europe is missing outPress releaseCultivation & benefits03.03.2010
EuropaBio Welcomes Commission Decision to Approve Five GMOsPress releaseTrade & Approvals02.03.2010
Europe’s farmers again call for access to GM crops to meet challenge to feed the world. When will Europe's politicians listen?Press releaseTrade & Approvals09.02.2010
Sharing the benefits of biotechnology - A lifeline for African agriculture LIFELINE FOR AFRICAN AGRICULTUREVideoCultivation & benefits13.10.2009
Can Biotechnology avert "the Perfect Storm"?VideoCultivation & benefits02.10.2009
Get the Facts: International Innovation & Trade Leaves the EU BehindVideoInnovation & Intellectual property04.09.2009
Get the Facts: Modern Biotechnology and Sustainable Agriculture: challenges and opportunitiesVideoCultivation & benefits21.08.2009
GM Crops – The elephant in the room? Sustainable agriculture still low down on EU climate change agendaPress releaseCultivation & benefits19.06.2009
Water-wise Solutions from Agricultural BiotechnologyPress releaseCultivation & benefits20.03.2009
Why make tough laws on GMOs and then break them?Press releaseTrade & Approvals02.03.2009
Is the EU on track to end the 11 year moratorium on new cultivation approvals for biotech crops ?Press releaseTrade & Approvals25.02.2009
13 million farmers around the world can't be wrong: It’s time to give European farmers the same choicePress releaseTrade & Approvals12.02.2009
ISAAA Press release 2009: Biotech Crops Poised for Second Wave of GrowthPress releaseCultivation & benefits11.02.2009
More SustainabilityFactsheetsCultivation & benefits