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Agriculture durable et biotechnologiesPosition papers17.09.2019
Sustainable Agriculture with BiotechPosition papers09.07.2019
German pocket guide02.03.2018
Green G-Nomes Guide - Romanian versionReport09.01.2018
Green G-Nomes Guide - Bulgarian versionReport20.12.2017
Guide to GM Crops & Policies - Italian09.10.2017
Guide to GM Crops & Policies - Spanish04.10.2017
Guide to GM Crops & Policies - Czech02.10.2017
Guide to GM crops & Policies - Portuguese28.09.2017
The Green G-Nome's Guide - Polish versionReport12.09.2017
The Green G-Nome's Guide - French versionReport12.09.2017
Pocket Guide Powerpoint Version26.07.2017
Back to the Basics workshop summary and reportReport16.09.2016
EuropaBio appoints new director of agricultural biotechnology divisionPress release23.01.2014
The lessons to be learned from the disaster in WetterenVideo14.05.2013
Q&A - Explaining the state of GM crops in the European UnionPress release22.02.2011
Future innovations - 25 years of agricultural biotechReportCelebrating 25 years of agricultural biotech 29.05.2020
Past breakthroughs - 25 years of agricultural biotechReportCelebrating 25 years of agricultural biotech 20.05.2020
Celebrating 25 years of agricultural biotech VideoCelebrating 25 years of agricultural biotech 18.05.2020
Agri-Food Chain Coalition input on the Farm to Fork strategyPosition papersClimate change27.03.2020
Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals through innovation in the Agri-Food chainReportCultivation & benefits29.11.2018
The EU protein deficit, trade and GMOsReportCultivation & benefits13.08.2018
New report highlights 20 years of economic and environmental benefits from using biotech/GM cropsPress releaseCultivation & benefits05.06.2017
Benefits of Bt maize in Spain (1998-2015). Benefits from an economic, social and environmental viewpoint.ReportCultivation & benefits21.11.2016
French GMO cultivation ban declared illegalPress releaseCultivation & benefits18.04.2016
GMO agreement: A Stop Sign for InnovationPress releaseCultivation & benefits02.03.2015
From leader to laggardPress releaseCultivation & benefits28.01.2015
EP Grants License to Ban Safe GM cropsPress releaseCultivation & benefits13.01.2015
Non Cultivation Agreement on GM Crops Press releaseCultivation & benefits04.12.2014
More sustainability: European agricultural policy and plant biotechnologyReportCultivation & benefits19.11.2014
Spanish farmers lead in the cultivation of GM maizePress releaseCultivation & benefits22.10.2014
Transgénicos en Chile/ GMOs in ChileVideoCultivation & benefits17.07.2014
Renationalisation of Decision on GM Crop Cultivation. Press releaseCultivation & benefits12.06.2014
Significant Benefits from Biotech CropsPress releaseCultivation & benefits13.02.2014
No Decision on GM Maize 1507Press releaseCultivation & benefits12.02.2014
Consumer Benefits FactsheetFactsheetsCultivation & benefits16.01.2014
Farming and the Environment FactsheetFactsheetsCultivation & benefits20.09.2013
Pocket guide to GM crops and policiesPosition papersCultivation & benefits28.08.2013
Food Security FactsheetFactsheetsCultivation & benefits07.03.2013
Science not Fiction: Time to Think Again about GM. ReportCultivation & benefits23.01.2013
Global Adoption FactsheetFactsheetsCultivation & benefits17.01.2013
Green Biotechnology Factsheet: Global AdoptionFactsheetsCultivation & benefits17.01.2013
Agronomic practices for maize in EuropeReportCultivation & benefits30.07.2012
Agronomic practices for cotton in Europe. ReportCultivation & benefits30.07.2012
Agronomic practices for soybean in Europe. ReportCultivation & benefits30.07.2012
Agronomic practices for sugar beet in Europe. ReportCultivation & benefits30.07.2012
Agronomic practices for potato in EuropeReportCultivation & benefits30.07.2012
How Europe's choices affect othersVideoCultivation & benefits24.05.2012
Europe's FoodPrintVideoCultivation & benefits24.05.2012
2050 - Events that changed the world. VideoCultivation & benefits03.11.2011
Reaping the benefits, but not in Europe. ReportCultivation & benefits31.05.2011
It's a farmer's choiceVideoCultivation & benefits18.04.2011
15.4 million farmers can’t be wrong: GM crops offer tangible socio-economic benefitsPress releaseCultivation & benefits15.04.2011
Nicolae Hristea from AgBiotechRom, talks to EuropaBio about Agricultural BiotechnologyVideoCultivation & benefits10.10.2010
Maria Gabriela Cruz, a Portuguese Farmer, talks to EuropaBio about Agricultural BiotechnologyVideoCultivation & benefits10.10.2010
Choice For Europe - Consumers Hungry For Facts, Not Media StuntsPress releaseCultivation & benefits06.10.2010
Cultivation of GM crops increases worldwide, but Europe is missing outPress releaseCultivation & benefits03.03.2010
Sharing the benefits of biotechnology - A lifeline for African agriculture LIFELINE FOR AFRICAN AGRICULTUREVideoCultivation & benefits13.10.2009
Can Biotechnology avert "the Perfect Storm"?VideoCultivation & benefits02.10.2009
Get the Facts: Modern Biotechnology and Sustainable Agriculture: challenges and opportunitiesVideoCultivation & benefits21.08.2009
GM Crops – The elephant in the room? Sustainable agriculture still low down on EU climate change agendaPress releaseCultivation & benefits19.06.2009
Water-wise Solutions from Agricultural BiotechnologyPress releaseCultivation & benefits20.03.2009
ISAAA Press release 2009: Biotech Crops Poised for Second Wave of GrowthPress releaseCultivation & benefits11.02.2009
More SustainabilityFactsheetsCultivation & benefits
CRISPR hits the markBlogGenome editing06.02.2020
Statement on the decision of the Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO) on case T1063/18Position papersInnovation & Intellectual property07.12.2018
Governments urge cooperation on genome editing in agricultureInnovation & Intellectual property05.11.2018
European Plant and Life Science Research Centres Unite Against CJEU RulingPress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property24.10.2018
Into the Blue Zones: Plant secrets for Healthy Living September 19th, Wageningen (Netherlands)Innovation & Intellectual property14.09.2018
One step closer to legal clarity in plant breedingPress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property18.01.2018
Agri-Food Chain Coalition: Responding to Commissioner’s call to promote sciencePress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property01.06.2017
New leadership for the European Agri-Food Chain Coalition: Call for change of mind-set on innovation Press releaseInnovation & Intellectual property10.01.2017
EuropaBio position on the recent Biotech Patent Directive EC NoticePosition papersInnovation & Intellectual property28.11.2016
Supporting EP report on technological solutions for EU sustainable agriculturePress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property01.06.2016
EP report on “Technological solutions for sustainable agriculture in the EU” gets strong backing from Agri-Food Chain CoalitionPress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property01.06.2016
Factsheet highlights the importance of IPR for innovation in agricultureFactsheetsInnovation & Intellectual property23.05.2016
EU Industry Calls for Innovation for AgriculturePress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property09.12.2015
Farmers and Consumers Benefit from Intellectual PropertyPress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property08.12.2015
EuropaBio Position Paper on the Biotech Patent Directive and the Protection of Plant-related Biotechnological InventionsPosition papersInnovation & Intellectual property05.11.2015
The Biotech Patent Directive is up to task. Do not open it.Press releaseInnovation & Intellectual property05.11.2015
Call for Policy Support for InnovationPress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property29.06.2015
Who benefits from IP rights for agricultural innovation? Full reportReportInnovation & Intellectual property19.11.2014
Who benefits from IP rights for agricultural innovation? Executive summaryReportInnovation & Intellectual property19.11.2014
Who Benefits from IP Rights for Agricultural Innovation?Press releaseInnovation & Intellectual property19.11.2014
Europe’s Agri‐Food Businesses call for an EU policy shift towards innovationPress releaseInnovation & Intellectual property06.05.2014
IP52: What is the role of intellectual property in innovationVideoInnovation & Intellectual property25.02.2014
Get the Facts: International Innovation & Trade Leaves the EU BehindVideoInnovation & Intellectual property04.09.2009
BLOG: Misinformation is the only poisonScience & safety13.12.2018
EuropaBio position paper on mandatory GM feeding studiesPosition papersScience & safety15.11.2018
EU must reinstate science in GMO safety assessment and eliminate unnecessary animal testingPress releaseScience & safety17.04.2018
EuropaBio Workshop Back to Basics: Risk assessment principles for GM plantsReportScience & safety16.09.2016
Commission must re-instate science in GMO safety assessment, reduce unnecessary testing requirementsPress releaseScience & safety07.07.2016
GMO Risk Assessment TimelinesFactsheetsScience & safety04.07.2016
Scientific Consensus on GMO safetyPress releaseScience & safety24.05.2016
Time for the Commission to ActPress releaseScience & safety24.11.2015
World Water Day 2012: ‘Water and food security’ - Why we must produce more food with less waterPress releaseScience & safety22.03.2015
What People Say about GMO Safety. FactsheetsScience & safety14.10.2014
How are GMOs created? VideoScience & safety16.04.2014
Ag Industry Celebrates Father of the Green Revolution. Press releaseScience & safety25.03.2014
European Founder of Plant Biotech Recognised. Press releaseScience & safety20.06.2013
Biotech Zapping on Food SecurityVideoScience & safety07.03.2013
Product Safety FactsheetFactsheetsScience & safety17.01.2013
Public authorities reject GMO scare studyPress releaseScience & safety06.11.2012
Scientific Community Rejects Poor Science. Press releaseScience & safety04.10.2012
Sustainable Solutions for Food SecurityVideoScience & safety19.11.2010
EuropaBio position on the "Comitology Reform" - Regulation (EU)182/2011Position papersTrade & Approvals03.07.2020
Pricing Innovation out of the EU (German version) FactsheetsTrade & Approvals27.02.2020
GMO import bans would cost Europe dearly (German version)FactsheetsTrade & Approvals27.02.2020
EU benefits from GM trade (German version)FactsheetsTrade & Approvals27.02.2020
Facing the Facts on GMOs in the EU (German version)FactsheetsTrade & Approvals27.02.2020
Pricing Innovation Out of the EU (Portuguese version)FactsheetsTrade & Approvals29.10.2019
Mission Possible - (Portuguese version)FactsheetsTrade & Approvals29.10.2019
GMO import bans would cost Europe dearly (Portuguese version)FactsheetsTrade & Approvals29.10.2019
EU Benefits from GM Trade (Portuguese version)FactsheetsTrade & Approvals29.10.2019
Facts must trump fear: EuropaBio responds to EU Parliament vote on food chain risk assessmentPress releaseTrade & Approvals17.04.2019
Pricing Innovation Out of the EUFactsheetsTrade & Approvals18.02.2019
Mission Possible: Removing double standards in EU safety assessmentFactsheetsTrade & Approvals25.01.2019
EU Parliament vote highlights need to build trust in risk assessmentPress releaseTrade & Approvals11.12.2018
Scientific poster: Food innovation requires transparency and efficiencyFactsheetsTrade & Approvals17.09.2018
Challenges Facing Agriculture and the Plant Science Industry in the EUPress releaseTrade & Approvals04.09.2018
EuropaBio position on transparency and sustainability of EU risk assessment (June 2018)Position papersTrade & Approvals14.06.2018
The EU Commission proposal on transparency and sustainability of the EU risk assessment in the food chainPress releaseTrade & Approvals14.06.2018
Trust in food risk assessment essential for innovationPress releaseTrade & Approvals11.04.2018
GMOinfo.EU brings you factual information on GMOs in your languagePress releaseTrade & Approvals08.03.2018
EuropaBio position on transparency and sustainability of EU risk assessment (March 2018)Position papersTrade & Approvals06.03.2018
EuropaBio position: Principles on ‘GM free’ labellingPosition papersTrade & Approvals18.07.2017
European Soya Declaration tells only one half of the storyPress releaseTrade & Approvals18.07.2017
EU Member States and GMOsFactsheetsTrade & Approvals28.04.2017
EuropaBio position on EC Comitology ProposalPosition papersTrade & Approvals21.04.2017
EU Parliament should squash comitology proposal and promote innovationPress releaseTrade & Approvals06.04.2017
Time for EU to authorise GMOs, support science & innovationPress releaseTrade & Approvals27.03.2017
The Green G-Nome's Guide to GM Crops & Policies in the EUReportTrade & Approvals23.03.2017
Comitology reform threatens innovationPress releaseTrade & Approvals13.02.2017
Joint Statement: The EU must not change the comitology system to the detriment of innovation and the single marketPosition papersTrade & Approvals13.02.2017
Time for Europe to face the facts and unshackle GMO innovationPress releaseTrade & Approvals26.09.2016
Facing the Facts on GMOs in the EUFactsheetsTrade & Approvals22.09.2016
GM products finally approved for EU import following unnecessary delaysPress releaseTrade & Approvals23.07.2016
EuropaBio open letter to EC President Jean-Claude JunckerPosition papersTrade & Approvals27.04.2016
GMO import bans would cost Europe dearly. FactsheetsTrade & Approvals25.04.2016
Maladministration on GMOs by the EU Commission Distorting MarketsPress releaseTrade & Approvals08.04.2016
EU Ombudsman: Clear maladministration by the Commission on GMOsPress releaseTrade & Approvals23.02.2016
Briefing note on the Ombudsman’s decisionReportTrade & Approvals19.01.2016
European Ombudsman on GMOsPress releaseTrade & Approvals19.01.2016
European Ombudsman: Commission must follow statutory timelines on GM authorisationsPress releaseTrade & Approvals19.01.2016
Charm and Disarm – Commission’s New Approach to GMO ImportsReportTrade & Approvals01.01.2016
EU Commission proposal rejectedPress releaseTrade & Approvals28.10.2015
Nobody Asked for It, Nobody Wants ItPress releaseTrade & Approvals28.10.2015
Politics over Science?FactsheetsTrade & Approvals16.10.2015
The benefits of GMO tradeFactsheetsTrade & Approvals16.10.2015
Increasing Timelines for Risk Assessment of GMOs in EFSAPosition papersTrade & Approvals06.07.2015
"Europe à la carte?": Best of videoVideoTrade & Approvals25.06.2015
EuropaBio’s Position on the Proposal on Imports of GMOsPosition papersTrade & Approvals01.06.2015
EU Food and Feed Chain Coalition Position paper for a functioning evidence-based EU policy on GMOsPosition papersTrade & Approvals29.05.2015
For a functioning evidence-based EU policy on GMOsPosition papersTrade & Approvals29.05.2015
Authorisations of Safe GM Crops for ImportPosition papersTrade & Approvals19.05.2015
The Journey of Mr. Maize to the EUVideoTrade & Approvals05.05.2015
Step in the Right DirectionPress releaseTrade & Approvals24.04.2015
EU Benefits from GM TradeFactsheetsTrade & Approvals22.04.2015
New Rules on GMO Trade Would End EU Internal MarketPress releaseTrade & Approvals22.04.2015
Renationalising EU market authorisations for GMOs threatens internal market for agri-food productsPress releaseTrade & Approvals22.04.2015
Commission to Undermine the Internal Market for Agri-Food ProductsPress releaseTrade & Approvals08.04.2015
GMO – Do We Judge Before We Know?FactsheetsTrade & Approvals02.04.2015
Time for the Commission to Authorize Safe GMO ImportsPosition papersTrade & Approvals15.01.2015
What is the EU approval process for import of GMOs?FactsheetsTrade & Approvals22.07.2014
Undue delays in EU authorisation of safe GM cropsPosition papersTrade & Approvals30.05.2014
Call to action: Agri-biotech industry 2014-2019Position papersTrade & Approvals15.01.2014
Approvals of GM Crops in the EUPosition papersTrade & Approvals31.12.2013
Public Private Partnership to advance Biotechnology in africa 13VideoTrade & Approvals06.12.2013
EU-US trade negotiations and biotechPosition papersTrade & Approvals22.07.2013
EU policies on trade and developmentVideoTrade & Approvals21.06.2013
Top 10 Statistics on GMOsFactsheetsTrade & Approvals03.06.2013
Trade in Agriculture FactsheetFactsheetsTrade & Approvals07.03.2013
How Do EU Policies on GMOs Impact Trade and Development?Press releaseTrade & Approvals07.03.2013
Failures of the EU Authorisation System for GMOsPosition papersTrade & Approvals01.03.2013
Time to think again about GMOVideoTrade & Approvals21.01.2013
Bureaucratic Barriers to BiotechVideoTrade & Approvals02.07.2012
Developing countries lead the way in the global adoption of biotech cropsPress releaseTrade & Approvals07.02.2012
Highest courts in France and EU confirm France’s ban on GM crops is illegalPress releaseTrade & Approvals28.11.2011
Approvals of GMOs in the European UnionReportTrade & Approvals23.11.2011
World Food Day: Europe’s agricultural productivity must increase to meet growing global demandPress releaseTrade & Approvals17.10.2011
French GM cultivation ban illegal, according to European Court of JusticePress releaseTrade & Approvals08.09.2011
Comments on the European Parliament’s debate on the proposal to “nationalise” cultivation of GM cropsPress releaseTrade & Approvals05.07.2011
Q&A - Explaining the state of GM crops in the European UnionPress releaseTrade & Approvals22.02.2011
Global farmers ask: Why are European farmers not allowed to take advantage of agricultural innovations?Press releaseTrade & Approvals26.10.2010
EuropaBio Initial Response: Commission’s Nationalisation of Approval for the Cultivation of GM CropsPress releaseTrade & Approvals13.07.2010
Joint Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese delegation calls for fairer access to GMPress releaseTrade & Approvals12.07.2010
EuropaBio Welcomes Commission Decision to Approve Five GMOsPress releaseTrade & Approvals02.03.2010
Europe’s farmers again call for access to GM crops to meet challenge to feed the world. When will Europe's politicians listen?Press releaseTrade & Approvals09.02.2010
Why make tough laws on GMOs and then break them?Press releaseTrade & Approvals02.03.2009
Is the EU on track to end the 11 year moratorium on new cultivation approvals for biotech crops ?Press releaseTrade & Approvals25.02.2009
13 million farmers around the world can't be wrong: It’s time to give European farmers the same choicePress releaseTrade & Approvals12.02.2009