Strengthening biotechnology and the EU Project

The European biotechnology industry, as a key contributor to growth, jobs and innovation in all 28 EU countries, remains fully supportive of the European Project and of a strong, united and open Europe.

The Brexit vote which occurred a year ago ushered in a period of political turbulence and uncertainty which will wield a substantial impact not only on the future of European integration but also on the international community as a whole, which is why the entire world is paying close attention to the ongoing negotiations. This testifies to the expectation that the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) will continue to lead the world in enlarging and promoting a free and open market economy. Moreover, in the international community today, where the global order is beset with challenges, the presence of a strong, united Europe is essential.

In fact, biotechnology has been a pillar of EU competitiveness and innovation for the past twenty years. Our three sectors, spanning healthcare, industrial and agricultural biotechnology, have heavily invested in the European project with a presence of over three thousand companies in Europe today, ranging from start-ups of less than ten people to multinational companies present in multiple EU countries.

This investment underpins our support for a strong, competitive Europe delivering solutions that benefit patients, farmers, other end users and citizens as a whole. At the same time, the need to boost economic recovery, access fresh investment, create new markets and cultivate a highly skilled workforce is becoming increasingly critical, if the EU is to overcome the current political turbulence and even thrive.

Bold political leadership which recognises and plays to Europe’s competitive and technological strengths rather than stifling them, is needed now more than ever, if the EU is to create a stronger, smarter Europe delivering the benefits, jobs and growth that its citizens need. Based on the work outlined in this report, EuropaBio with all its members stand ready and eager to support this ambition.

Carlo Incerti

Carlo Incerti, MD
EuropaBio Chairman