EuropaBio: Biomanufacturing and pharma legislation in the spotlight at the BIO International Convention 2023

Brussels, May 2023 – EuropaBio flies the flag for European biotechnology at the highly anticipated BIO International Convention 2023, scheduled to take place in Boston, MA on 5-8 June and one of the largest biotech industry events worldwide with 100+ interactive sessions across 4 days covering all aspects of business, policy, trade and science.

EuropaBio Biomanufacturing Definition 101: What is biomanufacturing and how does it play a role in our lives?

Biomanufacturing is the use of biological mechanisms to i) synthesize products ii) act as tools or iii) undertake processes, at a scale required for commercial use.

What do EuropaBio Members recommend for successful biomanufacturing in Europe?

On 27th April, EuropaBio organised a webinar to follow-up on the Biomanufacturing Policy Summit and officially release the policy recommendations resulting from the summit discussions and post-analysis. The outcome was a set of 10 policy recommendations that will be further developed by EuropaBio and shared in due course with policymakers and wider audience.

Vision, clarity and enabling – the drivers for Europe’s biomanufacturing future

EuropaBio is pleased to announce that Disc Medicine has joined as a corporate member.

EuropaBio launches Industry Advisory Group for new Biomanufacturing Platform


EuropaBio presents EFIB Vilnius Statement to European policymakers

European Industry trade and supply chain needs to respond to Covid-19 - Joint Letter to the EU Trade Ministers.

A new initiative for building a more competitive Europe: EuropaBio announces Biomanufacturing Platform

Possible solutions to improve the European regulatory procedures for clinical trials with Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products consisting of or containing Genetically Modified Organisms

Europe’s potential in advanced Biomanufacturing at the centre of EFIB 2022 discussions


EuropaBio NAC Summit 2022: key recommendations on how National associations can deliver Europe’s innovation, investment and excellence in biotechnology