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Factsheet – Vision for Europe: Innovation


Factsheet – Sustainable Investment and the EU Bioeconomy


Factsheet – Increased regulatory efficiency; what we need for the next generation of medicine


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Factsheet – A New European Innovation Agenda: biotechnology will help achieve a healthier, more sustainable, and autonomous Europe


Create sustainable bio-based and biodegradable plastics

Bioplastics are plastics which are bio-based, biodegradable or both. Bio-based plastics are produced from biomass, which helps to decrease our dependence on fossil carbon resources (the feedstock for conventional plastics). They can offer significant CO2 emissions savings compared to conventional plastics.

What if we used biology instead of chemistry for manufacturing?

Converting plant biomass into high-value chemicals with the help of improved microorganisms.

What if we could definitively cure AIDS

A combination of antiviral therapy and genome editing has succeeded in removing the HIV virus from infected mice.

Create immunotherapy treatments for cancer

Immunotherapy has a long history of use against cancer: in the 1890’s bacteria was injected into a tumour in an attempt to encourage a response by the immune system against the cancer.

Reduce the depletion of small fish in our oceans

Our ocean’s resources are limited, and the world’s growing population cannot continue to take fish from the seas indefinitely.

What if we used algae to make biofuel?

Adjusting a specific algae gene with genome editing, enabling the algae to be a feedstock for biofuels.

Create ‘living drugs’ that treat cancer

Treatment for certain cancers has taken a huge leap forward thanks to new “living drugs”, created through biotechnology.

What if we could heal sick blood cells

When “adult” blood causes illnesses, rejuvenating blood cells might be a remedy

What if we could find new tools in the fight against cancer

There are many types of cancer and many causes that lead to cancer, making the science of finding anti cancer drugs a challenge.

What if we could transform wood into food preservatives?

Converting plant biomass into high-value chemicals with the help of improved microorganisms.

What if we could prevent childhood blindness

Genome editing dysfunctional cells in the eye could be a cure for one type of childhood blindness.