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Joint Statement: Comitology Reform Threatens InnovationPosition papers03.12.2020
An EU IP Action Plan for strong industrial ecosystemsPress releaseIntellectual Property25.11.2020
EuropaBio announces Dr Claire Skentelbery as new Director General of the associationPress release02.11.2020
Nobel Prize for Genome Editing PioneersPress releaseGenome editing07.10.2020
Unleashing the full potential of life sciences and biotechnology in EuropeWhite paper30.09.2020
Novartis’s Andrew Topen appointed as new chairman of EuropaBioPress release03.09.2020
Feedback on the Intellectual Property Action PlanPosition papersInnovation & Intellectual property18.08.2020
€78M coronavirus IMI project launchesNewsCOVID-1918.08.2020
Germany takes over the EU Council Presidency News01.07.2020
Genome Editing FAQFAQGenome editing01.07.2020
#TogetherAgainstCOVID19 - Interview with France BiotechInterviewCOVID-1929.06.2020
#TogetherAgainstCOVID19 - Interview with Finnish BioindustriesInterviewCOVID-1922.06.2020
EuropaBio position on the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 Position papersCircular bioeconomy22.06.2020
#TogetherAgainstCOVID19 - Interview with BioPharmaChem IrelandInterviewCOVID-1916.06.2020
#TogetherAgainstCOVID19 - Interview with Sweden BIOInterviewCOVID-1916.06.2020
#TogetherAgainstCOVID19 - Interview with BIO NRWInterviewCOVID-1916.06.2020
#TogetherAgainstCOVID19 - Interview with BIO DeutschlandInterviewCOVID-1912.06.2020
#TogetherAgainstCOVID19 - Interview with Bio.BeInterviewCOVID-1903.06.2020
#TogetherAgainstCOVID19 - Interview with Nada Sirotić (Permanent Representation of the Republic of Croatia to the EU) VideoCOVID-1927.05.2020
#TogetherAgainstCOVID19 - NovaBioticsInterviewCOVID-1925.05.2020
#TogetherAgainstCOVID19 - Swiss BiotechInterviewNational Associations18.05.2020
#TogetherAgainstCOVID19 - Swiss BiotechInterviewCOVID-1918.05.2020
Genome-Edited Products and Projects: Resources and ExamplesReportGenome editing14.05.2020
#TogetherAgainstCOVID19 - Biome MakersInterviewCOVID-1914.05.2020
Funding Opportunities for biotech in the fight against COVID-19NewsSME Platform09.04.2020
Funding Opportunities for biotech in the fight against COVID-19NewsCOVID-1909.04.2020
Fighting COVID-19: What our members are doing ReportCOVID-1927.03.2020
EuropaBio Comments on the Farm to Fork Strategy roadmapPosition papers16.03.2020
Mogrify awarded $1.1M additional funding from SBRI HealthcareNewsSME Platform28.01.2020
#SMEoftheMonth 2019InterviewSME Platform07.01.2020
NovaBiotics opening a new labNewsSME Platform07.01.2020
SME of the Month – OxyMemInterviewSME Platform06.12.2019
Commission awards more than €278 million to 75 start-ups and SMEs set to shape the futureNewsSME Platform06.12.2019
Newly Formed Plant Response™ Biotech to Offer Biological Products to Improve Plant PerformanceNewsSME Platform27.11.2019
Biotechnology and genome editing: what do the ag experts say? VideoGenome editing21.11.2019
Kaffe Bueno amongst finalists 2019 EIT Food Accelerator Network NewsSME Platform12.11.2019
Biotech SME Awards 2019: Recognising breakthrough science in EuropePress releaseSME Platform08.11.2019
EuropaBio position on germline genome editingPosition papersGenome editing05.11.2019
Who will take home the 2019 European Biotech SME Awards?NewsSME Platform31.10.2019
SME of the Month - NUMAFERMInterviewSME Platform31.10.2019
Start-Up StadiumNewsSME Platform22.10.2019
Revolutionising cancer treatment with genomics: Apply for funding (UK)NewsSME Platform07.10.2019
​SME of the Month – NovaBioticsInterviewSME Platform04.10.2019
Celebrating amazing science across EuropePress releaseNational Associations30.09.2019
Europe celebrates the most popular Biotech Week ever Press releaseNational Associations20.09.2019
Genome editing — What if we embraced its potential? FactsheetsGenome editing19.09.2019
More information about genome editingReportGenome editing19.09.2019
Manifeste sur les biotechnologies 2019Position papers17.09.2019
SME of the Month - ZeClinicsInterviewSME Platform06.09.2019
Kaffe Bueno Joins Alfa Laval Innovation House CopenhagenNewsSME Platform05.09.2019
EIC Accelerator offers new blend of grants and equityNewsSME Platform13.08.2019
SME of the Month - PlantResponseInterviewSME Platform01.08.2019
CHAIN Biotechnology - The gut microbiomeNewsSME Platform18.07.2019
Lactips starts distribution partnership with IMCD GroupNewsSME Platform10.07.2019
CHAIN Biotechnology collaborate with University of OxfordNewsSME Platform04.07.2019
Resetting the ambition for biotechnology in the EUPress release02.07.2019
SME of the Month - CHAIN BiotechnologyInterviewSME Platform28.06.2019
Achieving the potential of genome editingPosition papersGenome editing20.06.2019
SME of the Month - Alkol BiotechInterviewSME Platform14.06.2019
Europe's flourishing bioeconomyInterviewSME Platform14.06.2019
Lactips signs contract with BASFNewsSME Platform13.05.2019
SME of the Month - Genoscience PharmaInterviewSME Platform02.05.2019
From “ordinary” wood to an incredibly intense raspberry aroma?ReportSME Platform29.04.2019
Over 20 EU business associations call for innovation-friendly rules on mutagenesisPosition papersGenome editing24.04.2019
Call for Applications: EuropaBio’s Most Innovative European Biotech SME Awards 2019Press releaseSME Platform05.04.2019
SME of the Month - Phytowelt GreenTechnologiesInterviewSME Platform29.03.2019
Biotechnology will take over Europe in September!Press releaseNational Associations04.03.2019
SME of the Month - Kaffe BuenoInterviewSME Platform01.03.2019
CHAIN features in new BIA Life Sciences reportNewsSME Platform19.02.2019
Is Europe ‘down under’ GM regulation?Genome editing08.02.2019
SME of the Month - Medicortex FinlandInterviewSME Platform25.01.2019
EU Ecolabel must not demonise technologiesPosition papersGenome editing24.01.2019
The 2018 Most Innovative European Biotech SME Awards go to...Press releaseSME Platform04.12.2018
Who will win the 2018 Most Innovative Biotech SME Awards? Press releaseSME Platform30.11.2018
Statement on court ruling that impacts genome-edited productsPosition papersGenome editing29.11.2018
Telling the story of European Biotechnology Press releaseNational Associations09.11.2018
European #Biotechweek 2018: 7 days showcasing creativity, passion and expertise in transformative technologyPress releaseNational Associations21.09.2018
EuropaBio appoints new Secretary General, Healthcare Biotech Director and Industrial Biotech DirectorPress release03.09.2018
Joanna Dupont-Inglis' biography13.08.2018
Bernard Grimm's biography13.08.2018
Agnes Borg's biography13.08.2018
Celebrating European Biotech Week 2018Press releaseNational Associations09.08.2018
Court ruling could lock out the benefits of genome editing from EuropePress releaseGenome editing25.07.2018
Call for Applications for the Most Innovative European Biotech SME Awards 2018Press releaseSME Platform11.07.2018
Corbion CEO Tjerk de Ruiter appointed as new EuropaBio ChairmanPress release28.06.2018
Disinformation should be tackled at its sourcePress release26.04.2018
New report questions any early EU proposal on patent protectionPress releaseIntellectual Property29.01.2018
Top European Biotech SMEs announced at 8th edition of EuropaBio AwardsPress releaseSME Platform23.11.2017
For an Ambitious EU Industrial Strategy: Going FurtherPosition papersSME Platform24.10.2017
EuropaBio announces the finalists for the Most innovative European Biotech SME Awards 2017Press releaseSME Platform18.10.2017
Communities learning more about biotechnology than everPress releaseNational Associations24.09.2017
Biotech Industry State of the Union EvaluationReport20.09.2017
Biotech Industry State of the Union EvaluationPress release11.09.2017
Apply for the EMBO / EuropaBio Fellowships by 31 OctoberPress release25.08.2017
Call for Applications for the Most Innovative European Biotech SME Awards 2017Press releaseSME Platform02.05.2017
John Brennan announced as new EuropaBio Secretary General, starting in June 2017Press release18.04.2017
Get involved in Europe’s biggest biotech celebrationNational Associations18.04.2017
European Biotech Week: join the 2017 week-long biotech party across EuropeVideoNational Associations03.04.2017
Biotech SMEs and the future of the EU’s industrial agenda – a Call to ActionPress releaseSME Platform27.02.2017
Joint Declaration for an Ambitious EU Industrial StrategyPress releaseSME Platform16.02.2017
Journey through our biotech worldReportNational Associations09.11.2016
Best Of Video: 2016 Most Innovative European Biotech SMEs AwardsVideo01.10.2016
EuropaBio Inaugural European Biotech SME ForumVideoSME Platform28.09.2016
Top European Biotech SMEs announced at 7th edition of EuropaBio AwardsPress releaseSME Platform28.09.2016
Biotech Week kicks off across the globePress releaseNational Associations26.09.2016
2016 Most innovative EU Biotech SME finalists announced in all biotech sectors for first time everPress releaseSME Platform13.09.2016
The first Global Life Science Industry and Ministerial Meeting Video30.08.2016
Core Ethical ValuesPosition papers29.06.2016
Comparing host countries for life science companies in EuropePress releaseNational Associations07.06.2016
European Biotech Week Goes GlobalPress releaseNational Associations07.06.2016
EuropaBio supports UK BIA call to review IP court decision in the USPress releaseIntellectual Property21.04.2016
A week-long biotech party across EuropeVideoNational Associations31.03.2016
Everyday benefits that can't be denied01.01.2016
Farmers and Consumers Benefit from Intellectual PropertyPress releaseIntellectual Property08.12.2015
The Biotech Patent Directive is up to task. Do not open it.Press releaseIntellectual Property05.11.2015
Record 60% of Europe celebrating European Biotech WeekPress releaseNational Associations19.10.2015
Best Of Video: 2015 Most Innovative European Biotech SMEs AwardsVideoSME Platform17.07.2015
Carlos Moedas Awards the 2015 Most Innovative EU Biotech SMEsVideoSME Platform23.06.2015
The 2015 winners announcedPress releaseSME Platform02.06.2015
Bio-on bioplastics breakthroughPress releaseSME Platform21.05.2015
Regulatory & HTA scientific advice essential to SME drug development success. Press releaseSME Platform17.03.2015
Regulatory and HTA scientific advice for small and medium enterprisesReportSME Platform16.03.2015
Call for SME awards applications 2015Press releaseSME Platform09.02.2015
Who Benefits from IP Rights for Agricultural Innovation?Press releaseIntellectual Property19.11.2014
Italy and France awarded for their Most Innovative EU Biotech SMEs 2014Press releaseSME Platform08.10.2014
Principles for Balanced Transparency of Regulatory Data in the European UnionPosition papersIntellectual Property01.09.2014
Top five biotech SMEs in Europe announcedPress releaseSME Platform01.09.2014
Call for an EU policy shift towards innovationPress releaseIntellectual Property06.05.2014
Call for SME awards applications 2014Press releaseSME Platform05.05.2014
2014 EuropaBio EY Report on Biotechnology in EuropeReportNational Associations25.04.2014
Who benefits from IP Rights for Agricultural Innovation?ReportIntellectual Property19.04.2014
Who benefits from IP Rights for Agricultural Innovation? Executive summaryReportIntellectual Property19.04.2014
EuropaBio's Most Innovative European Biotech SME Award 2014 HighlightsVideoSME Platform29.01.2014
Biotechnology Industry Manifesto 2014-2019 for the new European Parliament and new Commissioners01.01.2014
PsiOxus Therapeutics wins Most Innovative European Biotech SME Award 2013VideoSME Platform29.10.2013
2013 Most Innovative European Biotech SMEPress releaseSME Platform02.10.2013
Top 5 Biotech SMEs in Europe Announced (2013)Press releaseSME Platform17.09.2013
Call for SME Awards application 2013Press releaseSME Platform06.06.2013
Biotechnology applications and benefits03.06.2013
Single European Patent boosts competitiveness of European Biotechnology industryPress releaseIntellectual Property21.02.2013
2012 Most Innovative European Biotech SMEsPress releaseSME Platform20.09.2012
EuropaBio's Most Innovative European Biotech SME Award 2012 - HighlightsVideoSME Platform19.09.2012
2012 Top five Biotech SMEs in Europe are announcedPress releaseSME Platform22.08.2012
2012 Benefits of Biotechnology - EuropaBio Benefits Event in BrusselsVideo10.04.2012
Biotechnology: The invisible revolutionVideo10.04.2012
2012 EuropaBio EY Report on Biotechnology in EuropeReportNational Associations27.03.2012
Call for SME Awards 2012 applicationsPress releaseSME Platform01.03.2012
Prosensa Therapeutics wins Most Innovative European Biotech SME Award 2011VideoSME Platform18.11.2011
2011 Most Innovative European Biotech SMEPress releaseSME Platform08.11.2011
Improving SME participation in EU Framework ProgrammesPosition papersSME Platform05.08.2011
SMEs and their Importance in the Biotechnology SectorVideoSME Platform20.07.2011
Call for SME Awards applications 2011Press releaseSME Platform10.05.2011
Top 5 Biotech SMEs in Europe Announced (2011)Press releaseSME Platform05.05.2011
Sustainable Biotech SMEs: Drivers for European InnovationPosition papersSME Platform26.01.2011
Sustainable Biotech SMEs – Drivers for European InnovationPress releaseSME Platform26.01.2011
2010 Most Innovative European Biotech SMEPress releaseSME Platform10.12.2010
Event on the Role of Biotechnology in Europe's Responsible InnovationVideo09.12.2010
2010 Message from EC President Barroso to EuropaBio Video09.12.2010
EuropaBio Welcomes SME-Focused Enhanced Patent SystemPress releaseSME Platform15.10.2010
Call for SME Awards application 2010Press releaseSME Platform21.09.2010
Addex Pharma wins EuropaBio's Most Innovative Biotech SME Award 2010VideoSME Platform03.08.2010
Improving SME participation in the EU Framework ProgrammesPosition papersSME Platform11.06.2010
European SME week (2010)Press releaseSME Platform02.06.2010
Get the Facts: Biotech SMEs : Time to ActVideoSME Platform07.10.2009
Time for Action: The Financial Crisis and Biotech SMEsPosition papersSME Platform25.09.2009
EuropaBio's SME Platform: a Call for ActionPosition papersSME Platform27.05.2009
EuropaBio's SME Platform launches a call for actionPress releaseSME Platform27.05.2009
The 2009 SME WeekPress releaseSME Platform06.05.2009
Biotechnology and Intellectual PropertyReportIntellectual Property
Intellectual Property Helps Farmers GrowFactsheetsIntellectual Property
Understanding the Role of IP in Our LivesFactsheetsIntellectual Property