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Call for SME Awards applications 2011

Most Innovative European Biotech SME Awards 2011

Brussels, 10th May 2011 - Calling All SMEs!

Today EuropaBio invites nominees for Europe’s Most Innovative Biotech SME of the year by launching the call for applications to the 2011 award. The award offers the opportunity to build the public profiles of companies leading the way in developing Europe’s strong scientific potential in the application of biotechnology.  With a prize fund of € 10,000 and two years free membership of EuropaBio (worth over €5,000), the competition is again expected attract an outstanding array of applications from across EU member states and representing all sectors of the Biotech industry.

The award ceremony scheduled to take place in Brussels on November 8th, will acknowledge the achievements of, and the outstanding contribution made by, Biotech SMEs towards helping the EU reach its goals of creating a smart, sustainable and inclusive EU economy by 2020 and in providing solutions to society’s needs and grand challenges of today and tomorrow.

This year's expert panel of judges will include Steven Burrill, Founder and CEO of Burrill & Company; Paul Ruebig, MEP and President of SME Global; Tom Saylor, Chair of EuropaBio’s SME Platform and Nathalie Moll, Secretary General of EuropaBio.

Last year’s competition attracted 32 applications, from companies operating in 12 countries, representing healthcare, agricultural and industrial biotechnology sectors.  With four outstanding runners up: AMSilk, KeyGene, Prosensa and TiGenix, Paola Testori Coggi, Director General of DG Sanco awarded the prize to Addex Pharmaceuticals. They were honoured for their discoveries in the field of allosteric modulators for human health focused on validated therapeutic targets for diseases of the central nervous system, metabolic disorders and inflammation.

Commenting on the 2011 award, Dr Andrea Rappagliosi, Chairman of EuropaBio remarked: “.  The award represents our acknowledgement and contribution to retain excellence in R&D&I in Europe. At EuropaBio we continue to support the European Commission and Member States in delivering on the Innovation Union Agenda and the engagement of Commissioners Tajani, Dalli and Geoghegan-Quinn in making it a reality”.

Tom Saylor, Chairman of EuropaBio’s SME Platform said: “The Most Innovative Biotech SME Award provides very valuable public recognition for the companies which are set to play such a crucial role in the future of Europe’s knowledge-based economy. SMEs, representing 99% of all enterprises in Europe, are of vital importance to rebuilding the economy and creating more jobs.  However, they lack the financial support needed from government to bring innovative products to the market.  This award gives biotech SMEs the opportunity to show case their talents and commitment to meeting society’s greatest requirements in the areas of healthcare, industry and agriculture”.

To apply for the 2011 award or to learn more about the event, please download the application form our website.
About EuropaBio
EuropaBio is the European Association for BioIndustries and was created in 1996 to provide a voice for the biotech industry at an EU level.  EuropaBio's mission is to promote an innovative and dynamic biotechnology-based industry in Europe. 

Members of EuropaBio are involved in the research, development, testing, manufacturing and commercialisation of biotechnology products and processes. Our corporate members cover a wide range of activities including companies focusing on human and animal health care, diagnostics, bio-informatics, chemicals, crop protection, agriculture, food and environmental products as well as service-providing companies.  We currently have 66 corporate and 7 associate members operating worldwide, 4 Bioregions and 22 national biotechnology associations representing some 1800 small and medium sized enterprises in Europe. To learn more visit our website:

About the SME Platform
EuropaBio’s SME Platform focuses its activities on highlighting challenges and financial constraints that biotech SMEs face, and developing policy recommendations to optimise EU and member state funding instruments for biotech SMEs. The SME Platform brings together CEOs, of SMEs, National Biotech Associations, Venture Capitalists and private banks, European financial institutions, representatives from the EC, and other interested stakeholders.