CHAIN Biotechnology - The gut microbiome

What's a gut microbiome? And how to treat it when issues occur? SME of the Month - CHAIN Biotechnology - has answers! 

CHAIN Biotech

The gut microbiome comprises trillions of microbes, representing hundreds of species of bacteria, fungi and viruses, living throughout our digestive tract. They produce an enormous collection of biologically active molecules, which forms a pharmacologically active tissue controlling infection, inflammation, receptor signalling, hormone secretion and CNS signalling. Antibiotic treatment, infection and poor diet can result in a disruption of the gut microbiome known as dysbiosis. This condition has a profound impact on patient health and wellbeing.

Hospital-associated infections caused by the notorious pathogen C. difficile as well as inflammatory illnesses such as IBD and Ulcerative Colitis are linked to disruption of our gut bacteria. The effect of dysbiosis is not just limited to the gut. In mice, links between the gut microbiota and neurological illnesses such as Parkinson’s Disease have been uncovered.

At CHAIN, we are developing live biotherapeutic products – engineered strains of safe bacteria to deliver therapeutic compounds directly to the gut. This allows us to effectively target the gut while supplementing the microbiome.

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