Journey through our biotech world

The 4th European Biotech Week Magazine sheds light on the 135 events and activities organised across Europe in 2016.

Biotech Week Magazine

The 4th edition of the European Biotech Week broke new records building on the success of 2015. Not only did it grow into a global story, but it also set a new record with 16 European countries involved, including 3 newcomers: Austria, Norway and Sweden. It is exciting and motivating to see how this raising awareness initiative is becoming an annual appointment for an increasing number of biotech supporters.

135 activities and events organised across Europe involved thousands of Europeans and ranged from open doors, symposiums, round table discussions and competitions, to hands-on experiments and theatre shows. This magazine sheds light on the initiatives which took place. Flip through the pictures and reports to experience the excitement.

Next year’s edition will take place between September 25 and October 1, so mark your calendars now and start planning!

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