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Record 60% of Europe celebrating European Biotech Week

The 3rd edition of European Biotech week concluded with more than 100 events and activities involving thousands of Europeans in a record 15 European countries.

19 October 2015 – The 3rd edition of European Biotech week, an annual initiative that began in 2013 and took place between 12th October and 18th October this year, concluded with more than 100 events and activities involving thousands of Europeans in a record 15 European countries.

This year’s edition saw a plethora of activities taking place in the areas of science, policy, media and finance. Importantly,  numerous events took place related to jobs and training including career fairs and hands on laboratories for adults, students and children, competitions, open doors in companies, research institutes and museums as well as theatrical shows. At a national level, this edition was awarded a medal by the President of the Republic of Italy.

“Biotechnology is booming in Europe and elsewhere around the world. New developments continuously push the boundaries of knowledge and invite us to discuss where and how to apply this technology for the benefit of humankind. We must make sure that we engage at all levels of society to take those decisions in the most informed and enlightened way. This annual week of information-sharing and biotech-focus is aimed at contributing to the development of more informed choices at personal and political level regarding biotechnology and to creating the kind of environment which attracts and secures investments, brains and skills, and allows our biotech companies in Europe to continue to innovate and flourish.” commented Nathalie Moll, Secretary General of EuropaBio.

European Biotech Week stems from the passion of those involved in biotechnology to discuss, communicate and share knowledge with the public at large about the incredible benefits this technology offers society. European Biotech Week offers the unique opportunity of showcasing the concrete areas that biotechnology has contributed to. It aims to encourage dialogue on the ways that this technology is being harnessed to respond to major societal challenges such as addressing unmet medical needs, fighting epidemics and rare diseases, enabling industrial processes that use renewable feedstocks instead of crude oil and developing crops that allow us to sustainably feed more people while adapting to ever harsher climatic conditions.   

A magazine containing brief articles and photos of the various activities and events will be produced shortly and information on what happened is already available online at

Sincere thanks to all those who got involved this year and we very much look forward to joining forces again.  The 2016 edition of European Biotech Week will run between 26th September and 2nd October, in concomitance with National Biotech week in Canada and hopefully other parts of the world too so… stay tuned!




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