#TogetherAgainstCOVID19 - Interview with BioPharmaChem Ireland

Read our interview with Matthew Moran, Director of BioPharmaChem Ireland and Chairman of the National Association Council, on the response to COVID-19 and the role of collaboration.

What role does BioPharmaChem take in the response against COVID-19 in Ireland?

BPCI Members have remained fully operational during the Covid 19 Crisis manufacturing a full range of often lifesaving medicines for the treatment of a wide range of diseases including the symptoms of Covid 19. BPCI members have also donated significant amounts of PPE , sanitiser etc to the healthcare system. BPCI members also collaborated to manufacture Lysis Buffer used in PCR testing for Covid 19 as this was in shortage in Ireland.

The COVID-19 pandemic requires collaboration across many areas, especially in biotechnology. How does the biotech ecosystem in Ireland tackle the pandemic?

As outlined in the first question, the biotech ecosystem supports the delivery of Government and Public Health measures designed to suppress the virus. As well as manufacturing medicines Irish researchers are engaged in identifying potential therapeutics and testing resources.

Many biotech companies across Europe have responded and show promising and highly innovative approaches in finding treatment against the virus. What role does European collaboration play?

Europe needs to be well aligned and to ensure that both Commission resources and National resources support each other. It is important that vaccines and therapeutics are made available to all EU citizens.

BioPharmaChem Ireland is taking part in the Reboot and Reimagine campaign in Ireland that is fostering small businesses in Ireland post-COVID19. Could you tell us more about this project?

The Ibec Reboot/Reimagine campaign is an extensive and detailed document that provides 200 recommendations to Government and allied stakeholders how business can not only successfully recover from the impact of Covid 19 but reimagine how it can recreate itself to survive in the new normal, post Covid 19 world. There is a specific section for Biopharmaceuticals which contains phased recommendations over the short , medium and long term (attached) - it varies from facilitating companies to successfully return to work, manage construction projects right the way through to supporting investment in Cell and Gene Therapy, Pharma 4.0 and the development of talent.

Click on the image to access the full report on the Reboot & Reimagine campaign

The longer-term effects of the crisis on biotechnology in Europe can hit small-and medium sized companies and start-ups hardest. What necessary steps need to be taken to prevent this?

Ibec has prioritised support for the SME sector – this includes support for liquidity, finance etc. The Ibec Reboot/Reimagine campaign contains a dedicated section focussed on the SME sector.

We fight #TogetherAgainstCOVID19 - how do you see the future for European biotechnology and its recovery?

European Biotech can continue to deploy its research efforts to provide solutions to mitigating the effects of covid 19 through the development of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostic testing. It will continue to provide solutions to meeting the challenges of healthcare, environmental impact and the provision of safe foods.


Download more information on the Reboot and Reimagine campaign below!

Matthew Moran is Director of BioPharmaChem Ireland. He graduated in Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin in 1980 and in Chemical Engineering at University College Dublin in 1981; he holds an MBA also from University College Dublin (Smurfit School of Business).  He worked for over ten years in the pharmaceutical industry where he held a number of management positions both in active ingredient and dosage form manufacture.  He is a member the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC). Matthew Moran is a Board member of the Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API) Committee of CEFIC (CEFIC/APIC) and The European Association for Bioindustries (EuropaBio)