A week-long biotech party across Europe

Get involved in European Biotech Week by organising an event in your country (Sept 26 - Oct 2, 2016)!

If you are familiar with biotechnology, you know the field provides incredibly innovative solutions for the benefit of mankind despite it often being unknown or misunderstood. That is why the biotech community needs you or your organisation to help raise awareness and make biotech more accessible.

Now in its fourth year, European Biotech Week has offered all supporters of biotechnology the opportunity to host events and develop initiatives that contribute to an increased dialogue and understanding of this amazing technology.

Potential activities are as varied as the supporters themselves, and the organisers of the Week (EuropaBio and its member national associations) always encourage new ideas and feedback. For inspiration, flip through the magazines of the past editions on

There are no fees or hidden costs involved. All organisers can pool their activities on for increased visibility and promotion, and they will later be featured in a widely-distributed post-week magazine.

2016 European Biotech Week promotional video