Biotechgate Digital Partnering (Member Discount)

Biotechgate wants to support the business development of start-up and early stage companies, specifically members of  their Biotechgate partners and Biotechgate companies. As such, they are now offering online partnering through their Biotechgate Digital Partnering platform.

Support during COVID-19 crisis 

As it is currently not possible to arrange face to face meetings Biotechgate would like to offer companies the possibility to continue business development and interact with partners, clients, licensees / licensors and suppliers. This offer is for anybody working in business development in life sciences including biotech, medtech, pharma, diagnostics, healthtech, suppliers, consulting and not-for-profit organisations.

Free digital partnering

To support you in the COVID-19 crisis, this partnering is made available for free to companies interested to participate.

  • Publish your profile and define your availability
  • Contact participants and reply to incoming meeting request
  • Attend your pre-scheduled digital meetings via video conference calls

If you are a member company of any Biotechgate partners, you get free access to the premium version of Biotechgate Digital Partnering. If you are not a member of one of Biotechgate's partners, you still get free access with some limitations and a possibility to upgrade.


EuropaBio members receive Free Premium Access for Digital Partnering. We are again able to offer our members free access to the second Biotechgate Digital Partnering conference from August 31st to September 3rd 2020. Together with our partner Biotechgate and their partners from around the world, we can offer this virtual 1on1 partnering for you to continue your business development virtually. Please contact us for the promotion code for a free registration:







31 August 2020 to 3 September 2020
8004 Zurich