Credibility, Resilience and storytelling: A Training for Life Sciences Startups with John Bates

Well-known TED-Format trainer and Executive Leadership Communication coach John Bates is returning to Belgium this fall! Join us for an in-depth training on leadership communication neuro-hacking: the human evolutionary biology and neurophysiology of effective communication with an emphasis on effective leadership, connection, inspiration and results.


By diving deep into the biology of emotional intelligence, presence, connection, authenticity, and great leadership, you can generate powerful new contexts, mindsets, understandings and insights. This can dramatically elevate your public speaking, pitching, fundraising, and overall communication ability. It may also provide you with deep realizations that could translate into better overall people management, life and leadership abilities.


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09:30 Registrations and Welcome

10:00 Introduction to JLABS and the day’s training

·   Cosmin Popa | Innovation Activation Manager, Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JLABS

·   John Bates | CEO Executive Speaking Success & Business Coaching

10:30 How to Lead with Emotional Credibility

As a leader, you can only bend people to your will for so long. Successful leaders benefit from being able to move people to act organically, through a sense of loyalty, trust, connection and even love. Creating an empowered team where people own their results, think for themselves and are ready to follow you anywhere, is not accomplished with brute force, but through building Emotional Credibility. This part of the programme will show why this may be the number one leadership and influence tool and how you can wield it effectively.

12:00 Networking Lunch

13:00 Tell Your Story Like a TED Pro

Great leaders tell great stories. Stories have the power to touch people’s deepest emotions. And emotions can be the wellspring of loyalty, trust, co-operation and action. They can help you succeed more often, more quickly and more thoroughly as you master the power of stories. And, as a human being, you are a natural-born storyteller with full access and rights to the best that story has to offer. In this part of the programme, you will learn how to unleash your innate powers and have others be excited about your story.

14:30 Coffee Break

15:00 Failure, Loss and Important Life and Wellness Lessons for Resilience and Success

Like most successful entrepreneurs, John has made plenty of mistakes and experienced heartbreaks and losses he will share with you, along with critical lessons and insights he learned from them. John talks about everything that made a difference for him and many of the clients he has worked with over the years. From the importance of sleep to the practice of mindfulness and meditation to the importance of context and fulfilment, John will bring a fun, exciting, and exciting lessons to close the day’s programme.

16:30 Closing

Pullman Brussels Centre Midi
Place Victor Horta 1
1060 Brussels