EuropaBio SME Webinar Series: What can the European Investment Bank do for biotechs and medtechs?

We are delighted to invite you to the first session of our webinar series ‘How does the EU support small – and medium sized biotech?’

European biotech companies are among the most innovative worldwide. Yet, biotech SMEs face a difficult environment in terms of finance, regulatory policy and legislative rules that makes the way from product to market a challenging one. The European Union is eager to stimulate biotechnology solutions and support the start-up and SME landscape in the EU to get innovative solutions to the market.


EuropaBio’s SME Platform collaborates with EU institutions and partners for this webinar series that sees to introduce and educate founders, biotech ventures and financiers on the multitude of initiatives and tailor-made programmes offered by the European Commission and its entities.

The first edition will see a presentation of the European Investment Bank and the initiatives that the institution is offering for biotech companies in the EU. Tune in to hear and interact with Felicitas Riedl (Head of Life Science Division, European Investment Bank) and Yu Zhang (Head of Innovation Finance Unit, European Investment Bank).


Find out more about the EIB's acitvities in the health and life science sector here


For access to the recording and more information on EuoropaBio's SME Platform, please reach out to Kai Kuennecke.

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