European Biotech Week

2016 European Biotech Week

At EuropaBio, we realise how important it is to foster dialogue and information sharing in the scientifically complex and often misunderstood area of biotechnology. Our members are committed to developing tools and solutions for some of the world’s main challenges and we have a responsibility to share what we know and to facilitate an open discussion among all stakeholders to accompany these developments.

European Biotech Week was first coined in 2013 to mark the 60 year anniversary of the discovery of DNA’s structure. Every year, together with its member National Associations, EuropaBio promotes the week and provides a platform for all biotech supporters to pool their events and raise awareness about the products and the benefits that biotechnology brings in areas as diverse as healthcare, agriculture, food, energy and industrial processing.

Year upon year, the participation in European Biotech Week has increased with a record 15 countries taking part in the 2015 edition. The 100+ initiatives organised in the areas of science, education, policy, media and finance involved thousands of Europeans. Importantly, numerous events were related to jobs and training including career fairs and hands-on laboratories for adults, students and children, competitions, open doors in companies, research institutes and museums as well as theatrical shows. At a national level, the initiative was even awarded a medal by the Italian President of the Republic.

EuropaBio strongly encourages all biotech supporters to join forces and participate in whatever way best fits with their mission and resources.

Quick facts

IN 2015

  • 60% of Europe
  • 100+ events
  • 19% growth on Twitter

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26 September 2016 to 2 October 2016
Across Europe