European Biotech Week 2016

From the medicines we use, to the clothes we buy and the detergents we wash them with, biotechnology aims to make our daily lives better. But for non-specialists it can be difficult to understand the potential and the science behind the technology.

Since 2013, European Biotech Week has opened the doors to a better understanding of the world we live in. It is a unique opportunity to engage with the biotech community to unravel and debate why there’s no science like biotech science!

Last year, over 100 events took place across 15 European countries, including science cafés, company site visits, seminars for journalists, roving laboratories and even theatrical performances and social media campaigns about all things biotech.

Check out what's happening near you or get involved by organising an event that fits best with your missions and resources!

2016 European Biotech Week promotional video

Quick facts

IN 2015

  • 60% of Europe
  • 100+ events
  • 19% growth on Twitter
26 September 2016 to 2 October 2016
Across Europe
Avenue de l'Armée 6
1040 Brussels