European Biotech Week 2018


WHAT is European Biotech Week?

It's an annual celebration of biotechnology through events and public outreach activities taking place across Europe. In 2017, the 5th edition featured over 150 initiatives involving thousands of participants in a record 19 European countries. It was also part of the second Global Biotech Week, a success story celebrated across 4 continents.

WHO can get involved?

Any organisation that is active in or cares about biotech can get  involved and raise awareness of the field across Europe in whatever way best fits their mission and resources. Past participants include associations, universities, cultural and research centres, government institutions, schools, large and small biotech companies, science museums, but also individuals such as students, patients and farmers.

If you are not based in Europe, don't worry, our iniative is part of Global Biotech Week. Visit and involve your country in the global biotech conversation.

HOW can you get involved?

As you can see in the week's magazine, he potential activities are as varied as are the organisers. They include career fairs, hands on laboratories for adults, students and children, competitions, games, exhibitions and open doors in companies, research institutes and museums, and even theatre shows and flash mobs.

WHEN does the week take place?

In 2018 European Biotech Week takes place between 24-30 September, so start planning soon!

WHERE does the week take place?

Across Europe. In 2017, over 150 events and initiatives took place in 19 European countries.

If you are not based in Europe, you can still participate in Global Biotech Week. Visit and involve your country in the global biotech conversation.

WHY have a European Biotech Week?

The initiative stems from the passion of those involved in biotech to discuss, communicate and share knowledge with the public at large about the incredible discoveries, benefits and potential offered by the application of this technology. The driving force  behind the initiative is the National Biotech Associations Council of  EuropaBio, the Brussels-based European Association for Bioindustries.

DOES IT COST anything?

This is an open and inclusive initiative which is entirely free of charge and not driven by any commercial interest. Participating organisers can ask for European Biotech Week gadgets to be sent to their preferred location ahead of their events/activities.

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