The Exit: Lessons on Building and Selling Tech and Life Sciences Companies

Will you be ready when a potential investor asks you, “what is your exit strategy?”

While CEOs should always focus on building a great company, it’s also important to have identified your long-term exit strategy, including your strategic endgame, and a plan for getting there.

This half-day workshop is targeted at high-potential early-stage tech and life science companies with deep IP and a team that would be strategically valued by strategic acquirers. This interactive program will cover:

    • A no-nonsense guide to the key aspects of exits through M&A, focussed on high-growth and early stage companies
    • What to expect from acquirers and investors and how to place you and your team in the strongest position for negotiations
    • The differences in approach which you will see from buyers based in the USA, Continental Europe and the UK
    • Common pitfalls and how to avoid them
    • A take away of practical steps for you to address today

The sessions will be led by experts from Allen & Overy’s market-leading technology team (including M&A specialists with deep experience of M&A in Silicon Valley).

There will be one-on-one mentoring sessions (30 minutes each) following the workshop, providing tailored advice to ventures, and coaching on strategic planning, exit-readiness preparation, exit strategy, and when exit opportunities are likely to occur.

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