Farmers-Scientists Network (FSN) event "Agricultural innovation and trade agreements in a changing climate"

On 5 December 2019 (12:50-15:00) in the European Parliament (room ASP1 H1)

European farmers are, as farmers all over the world, faced with the daunting task of producing enough and safe food in a sustainable way and under the stress of climate change. With regard to climate change, the 2019 report of the Global Commission on Adaptation reminds us that agriculture agencies need to improve the rate of development of new crop varieties, including those that are resilient to changing weather patterns and/or increased output per hectare. With this perspective, the annual event of the Farmers-Scientists Network in the European Parliament will address the following topics:

  • The potential of genome editing to help farmers adapting to climate change.
  • The role of international agricultural agreements in adapting to climate resilience.

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European Parliament
Room ASP1 H1
1047 Brussels