Future of Evidence and Smart Health Conference

Following the success of last year’s Future of Evidence and Digital Health Workshops, DIA is pleased to introduce a new two-track conference – the DIA Future of Evidence and Smart Health Conference.

In the Real World Evidence (RWE) track, we will continue discussing the quality of different types of RWE sources and how to best approach a unified framework for clinical data collection. We will explore how RWE can help optimize clinical trial design, and support decision-making for Regulators and healthcare providers (physicians and others). There will also be a particular focus on understanding how various stakeholders are leveraging RWE to advance healthcare knowledge and decision-making processes at a time when they are being increasingly delegated to AI and related technologies.

The Digital Health track will be a deep dive into the fast-evolving Digital Healthcare ecosystem and review not just novel wearables and data collection methods, but also new formats of digital intervention in Health. We will be tackling topics and concepts such as the Dynamic Dossier in the Cloud, Rapid Reviews, and Digital Therapeutics which could potentially help fulfill unmet medical needs for patients facing roadblocks in traditional therapy and intervention.

7 October 2020 to 9 October 2020
4051 Basel