Type 2 Immunity in Homeostasis and Disease

The conference will focus on the most recent insights in the field of Type 2 Immunity. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Tissue homeostasis and repair
  • Type 2 Neuro-immune axis
  • Type 2 in allergy, asthma & helminth infection
  • Type 2 Immunity & Cancer

Poster information:
Format: A0 (841 x 1189 mm / 33.1 x 46.8 in), portrait orientation


  • Early Bird: 10 January 2019
  • Late Registration: 7 February 2019
  • Abstract deadline: 19 December 2018

Speakers including:

  • Judi Allen, The University of Manchester, UK
  • David Artis, Weill Cornell Medicine, US
  • Ronald N. Germain, National Institutes of Health, US
  • Elise Dalmas, INSERM, FR
  • Stephen Joseph Galli, Stanford University, US
  • Ana Domingos, The Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, PT
  • Jean-Philippe Girard, CNRS - University of Toulouse, FR
  • Philippe Jay, INSERM, FR
  • Moro Kazuyo, Laboratory for Innate Immune systems, RIKEN IMS, JP
  • Andrew McKenzie, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK
  • Anna Molofsky, University of California-San Francisco, US
  • Ariel Munitz, Department of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, IL
  • Marion Pepper, Department of Immunology, University of Washington, US
  • Wayne Shreffler, Massachusetts General Hospital, US
  • Henrique Veiga-Fernandes, Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, PT
  • Steve F. Ziegler, Benaroya Research Institute, US
  • Bart Lambrecht, VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research, BE
  • Richard Locksley, Department of Medicine (Infectious Diseases), University of California San Francisco, US

Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0 Essenti

21 February 2019 to 22 February 2019
Old St. John Site Zonnekemeers (parking)
8000 Brugge