Health Technology Assessment

In the EU, biologic medicines are centrally authorized by the European Commission based on a common scientific assessment by the European Medicines Agency. Once authorised, any required Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and the price and reimbursement (P&R) of medicines is a national competence.

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is a method of assessing the ways science and technology are used in healthcare and disease prevention. It covers medical, social, economic, and ethical issues. It provides policy-makers with objective information, so they can formulate health policies that are safe, effective, patient-focused and cost-effective*.



HTA is an important part of evidence-based health decision-making in most EU countries. To enhance cooperation between countries, the Commission has set up a permanent, voluntary HTA network in Europe. The network aims to facilitate efficient use of HTA resources in Europe, create a sustainable system of HTA knowledge sharing and promote good practice in HTA methods and processes**. EuropaBio is an active stakeholder within the HTA Network.

Furthermore, in the context of fostering HTA cooperation at the EU level, the Commission supports EUnetHTA with funding from the EU health programme . EUnetHTA is an EU initiative providing an independent and science-based platform for HTA agencies in countries across Europe to exchange and develop HTA information and methodology. EUnetHTA’s Joint Action 3 (JA3) will be launched in Q1 2016 and will be concluded in 2019



*, ** see this link for more info