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Access to personalised medicine is still limited in Europe

EuropaBio calls for removing access barriers for European patients.

Luxembourg, 9th July 2015 – Yesterday, EuropaBio once again called on European policymakers to remove the hurdles preventing European patients’ access to personalised medicine (PM). Biopharmaceutical companies face high costs of clinical development for regulatory approval against a backdrop of increasingly fragmented reimbursement systems and assessment mechanisms unfit for the specificities of personalised therapies.

These views were raised by EuropaBio at yesterday’s High-level Conference by the EU’s Luxembourg Presidency on “Making Access to Personalised Medicine a Reality for Patients”. They build on EuropaBio’s White Paper on Personalised Medicine which identifies essential changes needed to successfully integrate personalised medicine approaches into existing healthcare systems. These changes refer to scientific, drug and diagnostic development frameworks, as well as product assessment and reimbursement.

“We are encouraged by the initiative of the current EU Presidency and delighted to see that key topics of  our White Paper were reflected in the conference programme, such as the role of patients, adaptations of HTA systems, funding for genomic research and data interoperability” commented Miriam Gargesi, EuropaBio Healthcare Director.

“We sincerely hope our voice will be heard by health ministers and that our key points will be recognised in the upcoming Council Conclusions. In particular, we wish to see a concrete action plan within the adaptive pathways pilot programme focused on speeding up PM regulatory approval. In addition, there is a need for HTA agencies to better collaborate on defining value assessment framework for personalised medicine to accelerate progress in the field. Finally, the implementation of measures to monitor the concrete uptake of personalised medicine in the Member States is overdue.” remarked Hugh Pullen, Chair of the EuropaBio Task Force on Personalised Medicine.



About EuropaBio               

EuropaBio is the European Association of BioIndustries. Our members are involved in research, development, testing, manufacturing and commercialisation of biotech products and processes in human and animal healthcare, diagnostics, bioinformatics, chemicals, crop protection, agriculture, food and environmental products and services. EuropaBio also counts a number of National Biotech Associations in its membership who in turn represent more than 1800 biotech SMEs.

In the healthcare sector, EuropaBio members include enterprises developing medicines, vaccines and diagnostic tools using biotechnology in their development or manufacturing processes.

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