Building a European Health Union

Read our response to the European Commission's proposals towards building a European Health Union.

The European Commission is presented the first steps towards building a European Health Union announced by President von der Leyen in her State of the Union address earlier this year. The Commission has put forward a set of proposals to strengthen the EU's health security framework, and to reinforce the crisis preparedness and response role of key EU agencies. In order to step up the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and future health emergencies, it is evident to increase coordination at EU level.

EuropaBio supports the proposals and is looking forward to work with the European Commission and the European biotech industry to ensure that we can ‘protect the health of all European citizens’, as President von der Leyen stated in the announcement. Read our initial reponses to the proposed issues below:

Building a European Health Union: Reinforcing the EU’s resilience for cross-border health threats

EuropaBio welcomes a broader role for the EMA in providing universal advice and coordination and facilitation of multinational clinical trials in the EU. This will help the life sciences and biotech sector to streamline and accelerate clinical trials of investigational treatments during a health crisis.

Crisis preparedness and response 

Preparedness for future health emergencies will require a strong financial support through the EU4Health programme and the Structural Funds, as well as a clear long-term investment commitments to research and innovation. This will keep the EU competitive with other regions.

International cooperation and coordination

EuropaBio welcomes the intent for the EU to play a leading role in the global sphere of public health preparedness and response.

An EU Health Emergency preparedness and Response Authority (HERA)

EuropaBio is looking forward to working with the EU on the establishment of a Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority, in particular, for the development of cutting-edge biotechnologies as solutions. HERA should provide end-to-end solutions through supporting the innovation ecosystem, the conduct of clinical trials, data infrastructure, production capacity, development facilities. Building the right long-term ecosystems of public and private capabilities together will be critical to the success of the European Health Union.

Read the full communication of the European Commission here