Position papers

EuropaBio observations in response to Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

Read our observations in response to Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.

EuropaBio welcomes the European Commission’s commitment to develop a European plan to fight cancer. As many of our corporate members are developing innovative therapies in oncology, we strongly advocate the employment of supportive measures for health innovation to ensure that novel cancer treatments move from the laboratory to the hospital bedside as swiftly as possible.
We have laid down some ideas with a focus on the importance of access to, and uptake of, high-quality innovative therapies, as well as on the challenges related to data and scientific evidence. We consider that the recommended actions in attachment are essential for creating a European healthcare environment which accelerates the adoption of high-quality innovative therapies that can meaningfully contribute to a different paradigm for tackling cancer in the future, thereby maximising the impact of cutting-edge science to the benefit of cancer patients.