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The latest updates from EuropaBio and its members on the COVID-19 situation

"With Europe now at the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic, we need to work together at all levels, to find successful treatments to fight COVID-19. The biotechnology industry represented by EuropaBio is conducting great amounts of research in clinical trials. At least 80 biotechnology companies are actively developing therapeutic responses to the virus today. Applying biotechnology offers an advantage over traditional pharmaceutical approaches. Biotechnology translates the genetics of the coronavirus into workable material, to pursue an antiviral treatment or a vaccine. At times, when collaboration and solidarity are required, we at EuropaBio applaud the collaboration between the life science and biotech industry we represent, but also national and European authorities. We are in this fight together, let us keep on innovating to win against COVID-19 together. Stay safe. Thank you."  - EuropaBio Healthcare Director Bernard Grimm

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We are very proud of our members working hard to fight COVID-19. Their commitment demonstrates the distinctive potential of the biotechnology industry to fight COVID-19. 


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