Press release

Statement on the European Parliament report on improving access to medicines

Prioritising healthcare on the EU political agenda to retain the sector's competitiveness.

3 March 2017 – EuropaBio notes the adoption by the European Parliament of the report on EU options for improving patient access to medicines on 2 March 2017, in Brussels.

“Healthcare biotechnology is focused on developing high quality innovation to address patients’ needs” commented Nathalie Moll, Secretary General at EuropaBio “and we are glad to see the European Parliament stressing the need to promote innovation and pointing at the pharmaceutical sector as one of the most competitive industries in the EU”. Furthermore, Moll stressed that “there are areas in the report that we believe need to be tackled in collaboration with all stakeholders. One among many being the fundamental importance of intellectual property for the advancement of science and innovation and the specific needs healthcare biotech SMEs have when operating in Europe”.

EuropaBio believes that the EU needs to prioritise healthcare on its political agenda to retain the competitiveness of this highly strategic sector in Europe and continue to deliver solutions for patients, jobs, growth and innovation in world leading timeframes.

Ronald Jager, EuropaBio’s Director of Healthcare Biotechnology underlined how “EuropaBio members, many of which are involved in the development of advanced therapy medicinal products, welcome the report’s call for further action in this space in terms of R&D and access. We also need to develop closer EU collaboration on HTA methodologies to streamline market access for patients.”

EuropaBio hopes that stakeholders, including policy-makers, can collaborate and build on this report to prioritise healthcare policy at European level. We stand ready to participate in such an effort and ensure swift access to innovative medicines for the benefit of patients as well as healthcare systems across Europe.

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