Consumer benefits

Creating a circular bioeconomy, enabled by industrial biotech, offers a wide variety of benefits for consumers both now and in the future. 
These include the development of more sustainable products and processes which use natural resources and energy more efficiently.

Industrial biotech uses enzymes and microorganisms to make biobased products from renewable plant-based material rather than from fossil carbon sources.

These new products increasingly have the new and novel properties that consumers demand and can help reduce Europe’s carbon footprint, its dependence on foreign fossil carbon imports and its impact on the environment. 
The process of developing a circular bioeconomy for the products we use every day not only looks at reusing or recycling them, but also means shifting towards the use of renewable resources (e.g. wind and solar for electricity, and biomass as a carbon source for materials). Whilst the change won’t happen overnight, it promises consumers renewable products that won’t cost the earth.