Advanced biofuels

In the debate on climate change and reduction of greenhouse gases emissions, first, second or even third generation biofuels are frequently mentioned. The use of the concept of different generations can be in itself confusing. However it should be noted that it is a simplifying term used to categorise what is in reality a diverse range of technologies and feedstock types. Advanced biofuels (2nd and 3rd generations) offer the chance to have a better environmental impact and are aimed at the use of non-food feedstock and residues of food feedstock. 

As these advanced biofuels come to the market they will coexist with first generation biofuels, and as technology improves their market share will gradually increase. The wide spread adoption of first generation biofuels, using technology that is well known today, is necessary to speed up the development and market introduction of advanced biofuels. This in turn will help address scale-up and distribution issues and create a broader market.

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