EFIB 2017 preview: 60 seconds interview with PepsiCo

Ahead of his session at EFIB 2017, we spoke to Brad Rodgers, R&D Director for Discovery & Sustainability, Global Foods Packaging at PepsiCo about the key drivers for collaborating with Danimer Scientific, implementing the (PepsiCo) 2025 Sustainability Agenda and the importance of EFIB for brands.

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1. Earlier this year, PepsiCo and Danimer Scientific announced an expansion of your existing partnership, to collaborate on biodegradable resins. What were the key drivers behind this?

In October 2016 PepsiCo announced its 2025 sustainability agenda, which includes the intent to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across its value chain and design 100 percent of its packaging to be recoverable or recyclable. This goal is part of PepsiCo’s decade-long Performance with Purpose initiative to deliver top-tier financial performance over the long term by integrating sustainability into its business strategy. Our goal is to help scale Danimer Scientifics’ technology as a step toward achieving both our greenhouse gas emission reduction and our recoverable and recyclable packaging goals.

2. Following the publication of your (PepsiCo) 2025 Sustainability Agenda, how are you progressing with its implementation? How does the bioeconomy fit into this agenda?

Progress is being made across all parts of our Performance with Purpose goals. Packaging is the main focus area for bio-based feedstocks used in plastics and we are moving at the industry forward through partnerships within our supply chain. Danimer Scientific represents the beginning of the supply chain with the production new bio-based resins. Converting those materials into usable packages is the next phase of that work and we are actively engaged with many parts of the rest of the supply chain to produce the packaging materials we need that meet our performance expectations. There are many moving parts that all have to fit together and that work will take time. I believe we are on a good course at the moment.

3. Why do you feel that attending EFIB 2017 is important for brands and other members of the value chain?

The complexity of the packaging world makes it impossible for any one organization to impact change across the board. It takes all part of the value chain working together to change the way the system works today. The first step in change is understanding what options exist and how to leverage those options to move us to a new point. The EFIB 2017 is a good way to build that knowledge base and connect with organizations that will have a positive impact on the future.

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