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Industrial Biotechnology – Enabling a Circular Bioeconomy in Europe

Read our call to action to the European decision makers to enable a ciruclar bioeconomy in Europe 

Industrial biotechnology (IB) is a central pillar of innovation in Europe. It is established as one of Europe’s Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) for many years. Industrial biotechnology enables a more competitive, sustainable and circular bioeconomy, delivering solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

By harnessing the power of microbes for industrial and manufacturing applications, industrial biotech empowers the development of bio-based products in a range of sectors. This helps reduce CO2 emissions, provide sustainable alternatives to fossil-based products, improve resource efficiency of industrial processes and deliver solutions to help improve health and nutrition. With close to 500.000 jobs in the value chain and more than €31 billion generated in terms of value added, the sector already has a significant economic impact in Europe – and a large potential to grow. Outlook to 2030 shows that employment in the industrial biotech value chain may increase to well above one million jobs, contributing up to €99,5 billion to the EU economy.

As global challenges become increasingly pressing, so does the need to prioritise and invest in innovative solutions from cutting edge technologies like industrial biotech. There is also clear potential to further stimulate market uptake of bio-based products. We encourage all decision makers to consider our call to action.


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