Press release

Unlocking the Potential for Industrial Biotechnology in Europe

BIO-TIC project explores the challenges.

Industrial Biotechnology has been identified as a key enabling technology which can drive European competitiveness in the coming decades and its use can help develop a more sustainable and resource-efficient Europe. However, major hurdles hamper the full exploitation of IB. These include access to feedstock and financing, low public awareness of the benefits of IB products, a lack of incentives for IB products and various technological constraints.

The BIO-TIC project, coordinated by EuropaBio, will hold a series of workshops in late 2014 to examine what could be done to overcome the hurdles to IB in Europe and to develop concrete, actionable solutions to unlock the potential of this technology. The solutions developed in these workshops will be used in the development of an integrated roadmap for IB in Europe, which will be completed and submitted to the European Commission in summer 2015.

Input from market, policy and technological experts is crucial to help us develop recommendations which best address the needs of industry. If you have expertise in any of the product categories below, or work in an industrial sector where IB could be used, but is not currently, we are keen to hear your views!

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