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EuropaBio position paper on the Farm to Fork StrategyPosition papersCircular bioeconomy15.07.2020
EuropaBio position on the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 Position papersCircular bioeconomy22.06.2020
Joint statement on the EU Climate LawPosition papersCircular bioeconomy26.05.2020
EuropaBio highlights synergies between biotechnology and Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategy ambitionsPress release20.05.2020
EUBA Position on the EU Green DealPosition papersCircular bioeconomy29.04.2020
Industrial biotechnology solutions for sustainable agricultureReportInnovation12.02.2020
European Bioeconomy Alliance (EUBA) comments on the European Climate Law RoadmapPosition papersClimate change12.02.2020
EuropaBio comments on the Circular Economy Action PlanPosition papersCircular bioeconomy20.01.2020
Wealth of innovation on display & bio-based winners revealed at EFIB 2019 in BrusselsPress releaseCircular bioeconomy10.10.2019
#EFIB2019 – EuropaBio hosts 12th annual Industrial Biotech and Bioeconomy ConferencePress releaseCircular bioeconomy30.09.2019
Industrial Biotechnology – Enabling a Circular Bioeconomy in EuropePosition papersCircular bioeconomy26.09.2019
Joint Statement for an Ambitious Horizon Europe ProgrammePosition papers16.09.2019
A circular bio-societyReportCircular bioeconomy03.06.2019
Case Studies demonstrating Industrial Biotech contribution to UN SDGsFactsheets20.12.2018
MetGen receives John Sime Award and Plantics becomes PitchFest winner at #EFIB2018Press release30.10.2018
#EFIB2018 – Toulouse hosts 11th edition of leading Industrial Biotech Conference highlighting the breakthroughs and potential of the circular bioeconomyPress release16.10.2018
EuropaBio welcomes renewed commitment to the EU BioeconomyPress releaseCircular bioeconomy11.10.2018
Industrial biotech – Europe’s key asset in meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development GoalsPress release01.06.2018
EFIB 2018 Registrations are now openPress release25.05.2018
Industrial biotech sector calls for an ambitious revision of EU Bioeconomy StrategyPress releaseCircular bioeconomy16.11.2017
NuLeaf Tech and Ynsect bio-based innovation celebrated at 10th anniversary edition of #EFIB2017Press releaseCircular bioeconomy20.10.2017
#EFIB2017 – EuropaBio hosts 10th Anniversary EditionPress releaseCircular bioeconomy09.10.2017
EFIB 2017 preview: 60 seconds interview with LEGOReportCircular bioeconomy15.09.2017
EFIB 2017 preview: 60 seconds interview with PepsiCoReportCircular bioeconomy15.09.2017
EFIB 2016 Glasgow Paul Gilding Opening SpeechVideoCircular bioeconomy21.12.2016
EFIB 2016 Glasgow - Anne Glover Opening SpeechVideoCircular bioeconomy21.12.2016
EFIB 2016 Glasgow - Interview with Andre Faaji, University of GroningenVideoCircular bioeconomy21.12.2016
EFIB 2016 Glasgow - Interview with Anne Glover, Dean for Europe, University of AberdeenVideoCircular bioeconomy21.12.2016
EFIB 2016 Glasgow - Interview with Waldemar Kutt, European CommissionVideoCircular bioeconomy21.12.2016
EFIB 2016 Glasgow - Interview with Puneet Trehan, Material Innovation & Development Leader, IKEAVideoCircular bioeconomy21.12.2016
EFIB 2016 Glasgow - Interview with Paul Gilding, Independent Writer, Advisor on SustainabilityVideoCircular bioeconomy21.12.2016
EFIB 2016 Glasgow - Interview with Mark Simmers, CEO, Celtic RenewablesVideoCircular bioeconomy21.12.2016
EFIB 2016 Glasgow - Interview with Babette Petersen, Capricorn Venture PartnersVideoCircular bioeconomy21.12.2016
EFIB 2016 Glasgow - Interview with Tom Domen, Global Head Long Term Innovation, Ecover + methodVideoCircular bioeconomy21.12.2016
EFIB 2016 Glasgow HighlightsVideoCircular bioeconomy20.12.2016
3Fbio and MetGen revealed as Bio-based Winners at #EFIB2016Press releaseCircular bioeconomy28.10.2016
Glasgow hosts EU’s leading conference on IB and the bioeconomyPress releaseCircular bioeconomy19.10.2016
New study shows industrial biotech set to drive jobs and growth creation in the EU Press releaseJobs and growth27.09.2016
Jobs and growth generated by industrial biotechnology in EuropeReportJobs and growth27.09.2016
Bioeconomy 2.0 will help lead the EU’s renewable revolutionPress releaseCircular bioeconomy12.04.2016
EUR 2.1 trillion turnover and 18.3 million employeesPress releaseJobs and growth03.03.2016
EuropaBio at COP21Press releaseClimate change08.12.2015
EU Commission's Circular Economy ProposalPress releaseCircular bioeconomy02.12.2015
EFIB 2015: Best of videoVideo26.11.2015
Bringing sustainability & innovation togetherVideoInnovation19.11.2015
The bioeconomy is emblematicVideoCircular bioeconomy19.11.2015
Cellulosic ethanol, an alternative to fossil fuelVideoInnovation19.11.2015
How far has the biobased economy come?VideoCircular bioeconomy19.11.2015
Looking at nature for inspirationVideo19.11.2015
Lactic acid and its multitude of applicationsVideoConsumer benefits17.11.2015
Bioeconomy has a strong role in circular economyVideoCircular bioeconomy17.11.2015
Visualising Value ChainsFactsheetsCircular bioeconomy06.11.2015
Industrial Biotechnology: Enabling the Development of the BioeconomyFactsheetsCircular bioeconomy06.11.2015
The biorefineryFactsheetsCircular bioeconomy06.11.2015
The Economic Opportunities of the BioeconomyFactsheetsJobs and growth06.11.2015
The bioeconomy: Circular by natureFactsheetsCircular bioeconomy06.11.2015
The bioeconomy: From vision to realityFactsheetsCircular bioeconomy06.11.2015
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions with the BioeconomyFactsheetsClimate change06.11.2015
Using Feedstocks SustainablyFactsheetsSustainable biomass06.11.2015
Buying into BiobasedFactsheetsConsumer benefits06.11.2015
EFIB 2015 returns to BrusselsPress release27.10.2015
Europe’s circular bioeconomyPress releaseCircular bioeconomy29.09.2015
Welcoming the European Parliament’s circular economy reportPress releaseCircular bioeconomy10.07.2015
Enabling a 50 billion EUR industrial biotechnology market in Europe by 2030Press releaseJobs and growth25.06.2015
“The Bioeconomy isn’t just something for the future, it is already part of our lives”Press releaseCircular bioeconomy10.03.2015
Newly-formed Bioeconomy Alliance calls for EU actionPress releaseCircular bioeconomy04.02.2015
EFIB 2014Press release01.10.2014
Industrial Biotech: Enabling a competitive, sustainable and renewable bioeconomyFactsheetsCircular bioeconomy03.09.2014
An introduction to the BIO-TIC non-technological roadmap Video23.07.2014
Launch of new Public-Private Partnership on Biobased IndustriesPress releaseInnovation09.07.2014
Shaping the European bioeconomy at EFIB. Press release07.07.2014
Unlocking the Potential for Industrial Biotechnology in EuropePress releaseInnovation19.06.2014
BIO-TIC launches three major bio-Roadmaps. Press release30.04.2014
European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Biobased Economy 2013Video23.10.2013
EC adopts new €3.8 billion EU Biobased Industries Public Private PartnershipPress releaseJobs and growth10.07.2013
EFIB 2012 Highlights VideoVideo03.07.2013
BioBased Economy - Business opportunity boosted by local supportVideoJobs and growth16.05.2013
Farmers prosper by investing in bio-based infrastructureVideoJobs and growth16.05.2013
BioBased Economy - Potential in the LandVideoSustainable biomass16.05.2013
BioBased Economy - Learning from natureVideoSustainable biomass16.05.2013
BioBased Economy - Industrial regeneration and jobsVideoJobs and growth16.05.2013
BioBased Economy - Fuel from agricultural residuesVideoInnovation16.05.2013
EuropaBio film launchPress releaseCircular bioeconomy14.05.2013
The BIO-TIC project: a European success story in the area of industrial biotechnologyVideo13.12.2012
From Promise to ProductivityPress releaseJobs and growth10.10.2012
Launch of the new FP7 project BIO-TIC. Press release17.09.2012
Boosting the EU BioeconomyFactsheetsCircular bioeconomy14.08.2012
Industrial Biotechnology as a Key Enabler of the BioeconomyPress releaseJobs and growth27.06.2012
New CAP-focused European Innovation PartnershipPress releaseInnovation29.02.2012
Commission launches its Bioeconomy StrategyPress releaseCircular bioeconomy13.02.2012
Bridging that Gap Between Research and MarketPress releaseInnovation20.10.2011
Industrial biotech: A driver of sustainable growth in EuropeReportJobs and growth05.08.2011
Industrial biotech: A policy agenda for EuropeReportJobs and growth05.08.2011
Industrial biotechnology: Research for Europe. ReportInnovation05.08.2011
EC's Maive Rutte on Policy Challenges for the bio-economy - EFIB EdinburghVideo20.07.2011
Indirect land use change impacts of biofuelsPosition papersClimate change18.11.2010
Indirect land use change impacts of biofuelsPosition papersClimate change18.11.2010
DSM's Stephan Tanda on the need for bio-economy: EFIB 2010 EdinburghVideo16.11.2010
TransformRX's Martin Austin on Investing in the Bio-EconomyVideo16.11.2010
EuropaBio's Dirk Carrez on the 2010 European Forum for Industrial BiotechnologyVideo16.11.2010
Bruce Dale interview at EFIB 2010 EdinburghVideo16.11.2010
EuropaBio's Nathalie Moll on the bio-based economy: EFIB 2010 EdinburghVideo16.11.2010
European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology 2010 HighlightsVideo16.11.2010
Principles for the Accounting of Biogenic Carbon in Product Carbon Footprint StandardsPosition papersClimate change25.10.2010
Building a Bio-based Economy for Europe for 2020FactsheetsJobs and growth06.08.2010
European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology - 2009 HighlightsVideo07.12.2009
Interview with John Kornerup Bang about WWF report: Industrial Biotechnology - More that green fuel in a dirty economy?Video10.11.2009
EFIB 2009: Interview with Stuart West from BiocatalystVideo05.11.2009
EFIB 2009: Interview with Lars Hansen from NovozymesVideo05.11.2009
Industrial Biotech: A major toolbox to help fight climate changePress releaseClimate change18.09.2009
Realising the dream of the bio-based economyPosition papersSustainable biomass11.06.2009
Advanced biofuelsFactsheetsJobs and growth01.05.2009
How industrial biotechnology can tackle climate changeFactsheetsClimate change01.12.2008
EuropaBio’s Position on BiofuelsPosition papersJobs and growth22.09.2008
Labelling of food enzymes, additives and flavourings produced by GMMs.Position papersConsumer benefits25.04.2008
Biofuels and developing countriesFactsheetsJobs and growth01.04.2008
Biotechnology: Making biofuels sustainableFactsheetsSustainable biomass01.04.2008
Environmental sustainability criteria for biofuelsFactsheetsSustainable biomass01.04.2008
Biofuels and foodFactsheetsSustainable biomass01.04.2008
Biofuels and land useFactsheetsSustainable biomass01.04.2008
European Patent Litigation ReformPosition papersInnovation24.03.2008
Biofuels in EuropePosition papersJobs and growth17.08.2007
New legislation on food additives, flavourings and enzymes. Position papersConsumer benefits02.11.2006
Cellulosic Bioethanol production in the US, EU and ChinaReportJobs and growth01.10.2006
Reform of the Sugar RegimePosition papersSustainable biomass23.03.2006
Our position on the reform of the EU sugar regimePosition papersSustainable biomass27.07.2005
White Biotechnology: Gateway to a More Sustainable FutureFactsheetsJobs and growth03.04.2003
White Biotechnology: Gateway to a More Sustainable FuturePosition papersCircular bioeconomy01.04.2003
White Biotechnology: Clean, sustainable and white…Position papersCircular bioeconomy13.01.2003