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It’s time to talk about:

  • The living organisms and biological systems that inspire biotech innovation
  • How biotechnology helps save lives, and improve health and wellbeing
  • The ways biotechnology contributes to a circular bioeconomy, and helps to reduce the impact of human activity on our climate and ecosystems
  • The bio-scientists inspired by life to create solutions for people and the planet

How biotechnology is inspired by life

Biotechnology is inspired by living organisms and biological systems in nature or in the human body. Over millennia, the biological world has developed a resourceful toolbox of bio-chemical and genetic capabilities. Through their skill and dedication over many years, bio-scientists have been inspired by these tools to create biotech solutions that help people and the planet.

Today, biotechnology’s diverse applications in many sectors, like industry, agriculture and healthcare, are helping to improve peoples’ lives and tackle important societal challenges, including several of those identified by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Biotech solutions are becoming increasingly integrated into the European economy and the day-to-day lives of Europeans.

In the coming years many more biotech solutions will be required to address the health needs of an aging population, to feed and nourish a growing population, and to help address the dual challenges of mitigating climate change and rebalancing ecosystems under pressure.  

Whether biotech innovations help address these unmet needs or simply help bread rise and make washing our clothes more energy efficient, the biological world remains the source of inspiration.