About Membership

About Membership

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EuropaBio welcomes Members from across the biotechnology ecosystem and we work together to grow and celebrate the life sciences sector in Europe.

Who are our Members?

EuropaBio Members represent the spectrum of biotechnology activities in Europe and beyond. From pre-market SMEs through to global multinationals in all sectors, plus their regional and national associations, EuropaBio Members are the fabric of the sector. Companies and associations are active in all sectors of biotechnology, as this key enabling science drives healthcare and sustainability, including food production.

Membership benefits

Members are at the centre of EuropaBio activities. They drive priorities that are delivered through the three Councils and our associated activities, including SME Platform, European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology & the Bioeconomy (EFIB), IP Working Group and EuropaBio's 25th Anniversary and SME Award in 2021.

What Members do?

  • Sector and Association Councils: Within the Healthcare, Industrial Biotechnology and National Associations Councils, Members select critical priorities for the successful delivery of biotechnology and work on shared topics to support policy, regulations and the business framework.
  • SME Platform: Members bring key topics to the EuropaBio SME community, contributing expertise on key topic including finance, growth, policy and regulatory pathways.
  • Intellectual Property Working Group: Members working together on key IP topics and sharing knowledge on emerging IP issues and opportunities.
  • European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology & the Bioeconomy: EFIB is the major event from EuropaBio each year, and members from the Industrial Biotechnology Council develop topics, sessions and networking for the future of industrial biotech.

Types of Membership

  • Corporate Members Companies that develop innovative products and processes within life sciences
  • Associate Members Companies and other organisations that provide expert technical, research or business services within life sciences
  • National and Regional Associations Associations representing single or cross-sector life sciences within European countries
  • SMEs are strongly welcomed into EuropaBio, from start up onwards.

Find out more

Download our introductory Membership Pack and submit a query through "Become a Member". Alternately, email c.skentelbery@europabio.org and set up a call.
  • Olon Group
  • Inscripta Inc.
  • Abolis
  • Health & Life Sciences cluster Bulgaria
  • EV Biotech
  • Mabdesign
  • Remilk
  • Bon Vivant
  • Phytolon
  • Trinomab
  • Freget Glaser & Associes
  • The Union of Biotechnological Companies BioForum
  • SenseUp GmbH
  • Bioeconomy for Change
  • Royal DSM
  • ZeClinics


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Subscribe to the EuropaBio newsletter to receive the latest news and developments in the Biotech sector!

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